Why You Need A Law Firm Marketing Agency


As an administrative director or managing partner, your focus is on managing your firm.

Your time and attention are spent on doing what you do best – making sure everything is running as smoothly as possible. It’s likely that you’ve been tasked with the law firm marketing as well.

Chances are, no matter how much you’d like to grow your firm, you just don’t have the luxury of focusing on anything other than what you are already doing.  

But, where is that getting your firm?  Are you interested in growing your business?  That’s where marketing your firm fits clearly into the picture.

The problem is that it’s difficult to attract potential clients when you can’t spare the time or resources to do so. Why not let our professional legal marketing team help grow your firm while you focus on other important matters.


The Big Benefits Of Outsourced Legal Marketing

An outside legal marketing service will provide you with a host of expert level assistance when it comes to advancing your law firm business.  

Here’s how:

Goals & Strategy

It all begins with a goal and a strategy.  We work with you to find out what specific goals you have in mind for your firm.  We also study the unique features about your business in order to become more familiar with what it is all about.  With those things in mind, we’ll work together to develop and implement a fact-based, metrics-driven winning strategy tailor made just for your firm.

Brand Positioning

We are pros at finding the right creative angle that will set your firm apart from the rest.  This will help you get the optimal exposure to your target audience.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can be an extremely successful platform for law firms.  But, it takes a lot of time and exhaustive research to keep up with the ever-changing algorithms and other important factors that can make or break your efforts.  Oftentimes even more is involved like creating accounts on the various social media platforms and maintaining them too. Our team knows exactly how, when, and where to utilize social media in order to maximize the results.  We can create optimize, and maintain the accounts for you.

Press Releases

Press Releases are newsworthy articles that are submitted to platforms that distribute them.  Press releases are popular online because they allow you to create and establish the image of your brand (your firm) and provide a far-reaching target audience.  Our team has the knowledge and skills needed to write and spread newsworthy articles to reaffirm your cause. We are familiar with the rules and regulation requirements as well as the significant aspects that make a press release successful.  Best of all, we have the connections to strategically and effectively publish the releases in just the right places to help ensure the best results.

Your Website

Not only can our team develop and custom design a site for your firm, we can also utilize our experience and expertise to provide content, maintain the site, and even performing tedious, but necessary technical tasks like search engine optimization and website security.  

Your Time Is a Valuable Resource

Of course you could do your own marketing.  You could take courses, read articles, and stay abreast on the latest Facebook or Google updates.  But, why would you?

You are in the business of managing and providing expert legal counsel and services to your clients.  

At Horowitz Agency, our job is to be your outsourced marketing team. We have unique experience and expertise that allows us to help you grow your firm.

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