October 6, 2021

5 Proven Ways To Get Your Business Featured in a Magazine

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Getting published in a magazine is a common goal for many businesses. Many prestigious magazines have showcased great people and companies over the years, so to be featured is an achievement. However, getting from where you are now to being featured in a magazine is a challenge. It’s not impossible, though.

The secret is to create a path towards that achievement. Here are five proven ways for how to get featured in a magazine.

1. Develop Relationships With Writers

Most high-profile magazines don’t have many in-house staff members. It is expensive to keep so many people around when you can only produce so much content for a magazine. They rely on a larger pool of freelance writers that are more affordable. This option also provides them with expertise in different fields. The first thing your business needs to do is connect with these writers.

Start by creating a list of writers you want to work with. Ideally, you want to have one or two dozen writers you can contact. These writers must work in a similar industry because they’ll connect you to the right people. Talk to these writers on social media. Comment on their written work and see who responds.

Once you have responses, you can start discussions with them to build relationships. Talk about different topics and suggest some ideas for them. Eventually, you can co-write pieces. As you keep building a relationship, you can earn an opportunity for something more.

2. Create Your Story

What makes your company different? Magazine publishers often operate in tight-knit circles that can be challenging to break through. A compelling story and angle are pivotal to spark their interest. Being unique and different is the key to compelling publishers. You can be a part of an emerging industry, or you could be implementing something no one else is doing.

3. Research Your Magazines

You may have some magazines in mind when you’re thinking about a feature. If not, you may want to do a bit of research about popular publications in your niche. Check their background, the quality of the work, and see how they write.

You want to work with a magazine that can channel your business in the same voice. To connect with this magazine, you’ll also have to create content that they can relate to. For some magazines, you will be the one who will do the writing, meaning you might have to come up with a pitch. However, a pitch can only get you so far.

Many established magazines want to see your work. If you don’t have something to show them, you might not have a chance to get a feature.

4. Find Online Communities

Many of the writers, staff, and editors of magazines are involved in online communities. Join and participate in these communities. Connect with people, contribute, and then directly message one of the writers. It may take months of your time trying to get yourself there, but this organic method is warmer and can create long-lasting relationships.

5. Make Yourself Known

Nowadays, it’s necessary to have a notable digital presence. If you don’t have a website or social media accounts, magazines may think twice before working with you. You’ll want to make an impression when they visit your profiles or site, so make sure to have a professional photo, a well-written bio, and other elements that make you stand out from the rest. Here’s where you can showcase your eye for detail, professionalism, and even your writing abilities.

Don’t Be Dismayed by Rejections

Magazine writers, editors, and publishers receive a lot of proposals. It’s not uncommon for your contact to suddenly disappear or decline your offer. You might end up at a point where you need to make a pitch but never hear back. It happens, but do not give up.

If you’re having trouble improving your business and building contacts, we can help. We specialize in getting our clients placed in major publications like Forbes, LA Times, and more. Reach out to us to start creating a customized plan to get your business featured in a magazine.

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