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Marketing Solutions for Boutique Organizations

We offer premium business development and marketing services that help professionals leverage their existing platform to procure work. Our agency focuses on the most effective marketing techniques to increase your bottom line.

Our services include creating overall and individual marketing plans to leverage an existing platform to bring in more business.

Through strategic planning and execution, our integrated marketing agency works with decision makers to build the brand.

Strategic Planning

We believe that strategic planning is the most important component to a company’s success. A strategic plan is the difference between maintaining the status quo and reaching potential. We help you cull and organize data so you can use it to be more profitable. Questions we ask and answer:

Client Acquisition and Retention

The primary goal of any business is to bring in work, and the secondary goal is to keep it. We help our clients create mechanisms to attract new clients and gain more work from existing clients.


You need a logo. You want it to look sharp and help you seize a position in the consumer’s mind. You want a tagline that people will remember. How do the big, successful companies do it? Is it magic? NO! Branding is best done after the strategic planning process, which gives you information you need to create a great logo, tagline, brochures, etc. How do you build brand equity? How do you convert brand equity in sales? We help you take a look at what you’ve got and leverage it through brand awareness and positioning. This will ultimately build your company’s reputation and bottom line.

Public Relations and Social Media

The relationship your company has with all consumers is very important. What is your company’s image? Does your company fulfill its brand promises? What publications and social feeds are you using to send your strategic messages? Are your stakeholders and staff leveraging their knowledge by getting quoted in the right publications? Are you writing articles to demonstrate your expertise? Are you effectively repurposing your content on the firm’s social feeds? How are you building followers and, thus, increasing the number of impressions? PR and Social, like all other marketing tactics, thrive on a solid strategic platform.


Does advertising work? When it’s done right, yes. If advertising didn’t work, then all of the big companies that do it would rely on word of mouth for business. How do you know if you’re doing it right? How do you know if you are spending your advertising dollars wisely? Are your ads getting enough impressions? Is it true that it takes ten impressions for a message to stick in the consumer’s mind? What metrics are you using to measure your advertising return? We explore all of these areas before helping you launch an efficient advertising campaign. Through our extensive network of contacts, we can help you reach the right audience and save money along the way.

Website Development, Design and Hosting

It is essential to have a website, and we can help you build yours. We implement your strategic goals to help you create the right architecture, and we assist with design and content to help you send the right messages. We employ the best designers to bring your vision to life. Our professional hosting plans also ensure that sites do not go down and that any issues are addressed immediately.

Entertainment Law and Production Company Marketing

We understand the unique set of requirements inherent in effective entertainment marketing. Our clients—entertainment dealmakers, litigators, managers and producers—are nationally recognized in the film, television, music and digital industries. The majority of successful companies and firms know that consistent, ongoing brand strategy is essential to setting their business apart from the rest. Which publications are right for you? How can you leverage opportunities and relationships to reach a potential client base? Our experience in entertainment public relations helps entertainment firms land relevant, well-executed media hits that showcase knowledge and expertise in entertainment matters.