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Accepting that they are too busy to carry out their marketing objectives, our clients hire a team with decades of both in-house and agency partner experience to act as the marketing department they want and need – for a fraction of what they would invest to build a marketing department. Our clients are smart and it makes sense.

We serve a wide range of industries

  • Corporate and Entertainment Law Firms
    We understand the intense competition in today’s legal market and bring decades of experience to the table when helping boutique law firms compete with the behemoths. In the age of Legal Darwinism, a great work product is no longer a differentiator. It is a given.
  • Business Management and Accounting Firms
    Following along the model that works so well for law firms, we help business management and accounting firms make the right connections and present their brands well.
  • Production Companies (and Select Individuals)
    From press releases to reputation management to SEO, we help production companies, and the people who run them, craft messages to build status and drive search.
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