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Mar 3, 2018Tech Innovations Changing Digital Marketing

With updates downloading as we sleep, and user analytics becoming more sophisticated with every click, new technologies are constantly reshaping the digital marketplace. Here are some key innovations, and how to incorporate them into your brand’s strategy.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has many more subtle uses and implications than it does plans for sci-fi grade world domination. AI is changing the digital marketplace by offering companies the consistency and predictability that users trust and want from their customer experience. AI-powered marketing technologies can be seen everywhere from targeted ads, …

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Oct 18, 2017Top 10 Marketing Trends for 2018

It seems appropriate to start talking about marketing trends for 2018. Whether you are a law firm, a management firm or other professional service provider, you will be looking for a marketing edge in the coming year. Now is the time to audit your web presence, start thinking about new, outside the box marketing techniques, and strengthen your overall brand. An overcrowded digital space makes it hard to stand out, yet Millennials and newer generations look to mobile for information. Here are ten marketing trends for 2018 that will help …

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Jun 14, 2017How Will Lawyers Change the Way They Market in 2018?

Law firms will be taking advantage of recent developments that open new marketing channels to various demos. The questions always lie in the balance; at what point does marketing and advertising become too invasive and scare off the consumer? With most businesses using social media to market, thus avoiding the information push without too much force, there is a growing concern regarding how to attract new followers and maintain a deeper level of interest. In 2018, many firms will consider shifting their marketing strategies based on these factors:

SMS Marketing: 

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May 4, 20177 Elements to A Great Law Firm Website Design

For law firms and lawyers, websites are crucial, and are also often a potential client’s first impression. Therefore, it is imperative that yours is well-designed, provides updated industry content, and gives your clients the necessary information about your firm. Here are some features that make a website both professional and top performing.

Responsive web design

A responsive web design ensures that your visitors will have a good user experience on any device. It provides a tailored experience on all screen resolutions and allows mobile users to navigate the site without …

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Apr 13, 2017How to Develop Topics for Written Content

It’s easy to understand the value of good content for your company’s marketing purposes. Consumers are constantly hungry for quick, quality content in the form of articles, blogs and social media posts. The more content you produce and share, the greater your chances of connecting with potential clients.

Often, the most challenging part of creating content is deciding what to write about. The initial brainstorming process can often leave you feeling devoid of any good topics. There are plenty of digital resources that can inspire ideas and generate leads …

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Feb 8, 2017Keeping Up in the Digital Age: the Importance of Fresh Content

What makes a brand’s digital presence effective? While design and content quality play significant roles, they alone won’t ensure success—consistently fresh content is just as important. Putting substantial effort into carefully crafting a blog post might result in one particularly successful or popular piece, but it won’t skyrocket your blog or your brand to stardom.

In today’s digital age, where consumers and clients expect instantaneous updates and round-the-clock coverage, your brand’s online presence requires constant attention and upkeep. It’s important to maintain an active persona on your various …

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Jan 11, 2017How Social Media Listening Can Help Your Brand

Are you listening to what people are saying about you and your competitors in the digital landscape?  If not, you are missing out on opportunities to protect your brand’s reputation, drive traffic and obtain valuable intel on your competitors. You can use information obtained from social media listening to enhance your business by gathering insights about your customers, prospects and services.

Social media listening is the process of searching the web and social space to monitor what is being said about your brand, your competitors and your industry. It tracks …

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Jan 3, 2017Ghostwriting: A Valuable Asset for Law Firms

Content creation is an undeniably integral component of law firm marketing. Writing thoughtful and informative articles is a useful way to demonstrate knowledge and expertise in one’s practice area, get on the radar of potential clients, and build a solid online presence. Because of this, more and more law firms are turning to ghostwriters, anonymous third-party writers, to create content. While many attorneys see the value in creating content for marketing purposes, the majority of them are pressed for time. Everything from trial dates to rainmaking can prevent even the …

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Jun 23, 2016How to Optimize Your Law Firm Landing Page to Increase Leads

Landing pages are an integral part of digital marketing. A landing page is a website page that allows you to capture a visitor’s information through a lead form, usually from a particular stream of traffic from a geographic location, e-mail campaign offer or online advertising campaign. It can be your home page or a separate page on the website.  When designed properly, landing pages can increase leads and, ultimately, conversion rates. They play a vital role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), and Social Media Marketing.

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Jun 13, 20164 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Myths

SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is a highly cited, often misunderstood marketing tool. When a firm jumps straight into launching an SEO campaign without understanding its nuts and bolts or, due to negative pre-conceived notions, avoids a campaign completely, it typically misses out on the multiple ways SEO can increase website traffic and brand awareness. For this reason, it’s important to combat some of the more common myths floating around about SEO before investing in SEO for a law firm website.

It’s quick and easy. Some attorneys expect …

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