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Jan 20, 20165 Legal Marketing Resolutions for 2016

2016 is well underway, and the start of a new calendar year is the ideal time to evaluate what the firm has accomplished so far and discuss what changes can be initiated in the upcoming year. Here are several New Year’s suggestions that can improve a law firm’s chances of achieving its marketing and strategic planning objectives.

Get organized Legal marketing involves managing multiple, integrated channels, staying on top of related communications and PR activities, and countless other responsibilities. Consequently, organization can be tough. Specifically mapping out attorney business development …

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Jan 6, 2016LinkedIn for Lawyers

94% of attorneys have profiles on the most popular business-oriented networking website, LinkedIn. In addition to being helpful for keeping in touch with existing business contacts, the website is also increasingly becoming the first point of contact after two professionals meet in the real world. More often people say “add me on LinkedIn,” or run to do that on a smartphone rather than asking for a business card. While the majority of attorneys and firms understand the pros of having a presence on the site, many lawyers still aren’t sure …

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Nov 30, 2015Successful Internet Marketing Tips for Lawyers

With the introduction of the internet into our daily lives, communication has never been easier, or more instantaneous. Naturally, this means that the internet has become one of the most important tools for any marketing plan. “Online marketing” should no longer be considered a novelty, or separate from a traditional plan. Lawyers, along with the majority of other professionals looking to improve their brand strategy, are increasingly incorporating various facets of the internet into their marketing and business development initiatives. Despite its increased usage however, the internet, and its many …

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Nov 12, 2015Five Effective Legal Marketing Techniques for Small Firms

A law firm’s size impacts the amount of resources that can be allocated to the firm’s strategic marketing plan. Small and medium-sized firms inherently have a limited amount of manpower and money compared to bigger counterparts. As a result, there are challenges to implementing a full-blown marketing strategy without knowing how to be efficient and effective with the resulting objectives. Yet with enough effort, experience and imagination, small law firms can absolutely roll out plans that work.

Create a specific strategy

Mapping out a strategic marketing plan with timelines and …

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Nov 5, Should You Claim Your Profile?

There are few websites more controversial in the legal world than, the online legal services directory that currently rates more than 95% of lawyers in the U.S. Legal practitioners are profiled on Avvo whether they sign up or not, and even though claiming a profile is free, many attorneys and marketing professionals remain skeptical in the wake of numerous lawsuits filed against the site. As it is impossible to unclaim your profile, the decision to engage with the site shouldn’t be made lightly. Here are some important considerations to take …

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Sep 15, 20154 Popular Myths About Content Marketing

Content creation has rapidly become a ubiquitous fixture in the vast majority of marketing plans, with 93% of all marketers reporting that they implement some form of content marketing in their work. Used to its full potential, this strategic approach of sharing relevant and consistent content with your target audiences can accomplish great things for your law firm’s SEO and serve as a persuasive call to action for potential clients. However, as in the case of most trends, content creation comes with its fair share of misconceptions. Here are a …

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Aug 29, 2015Positioning Yourself as a Source for Journalists

Positioning yourself as a source is extremely valuable from a professional standpoint, and should always be an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. The ideal relationship between professional service providers, such as lawyers, accountants and business managers, and reporters is a symbiotic one; journalists gain expert commentary that adds depth to their stories, and attorneys in turn receive publicity in connection with a popular news topic. It demonstrates relevance in your field and also showcases your knowledge on trending issues affecting potential clients. To become a reliable and sought-after …

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Aug 22, 20154 Tips For Building and Maintaining Your Law Firm’s Website

Creating and maintaining a law firm website are vital components in any law firm’s marketing plan, yet many lawyers aren’t sure where to begin. From designing the layout to selecting content, there are a variety of factors that come into play when creating a website that will entice potential clients, as well as retain existing ones. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when building a successful law firm website.

Be Informative

Give potential clients useful information and avoid clutter and fluff. Summarize your firm’s differentiators and strengths …

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Aug 5, 2015How Video Marketing Can Improve Your Law Firm’s Brand

The success of popular websites like YouTube and Netflix, as well as the emergence of apps such as Vine on Twitter, reflects the growing trend of making video available online. Did you know that web pages containing video content bring in twice as much traffic as web pages without? In addition, a recent study conducted by Cisco suggests that video will account for 69% of all consumer Internet traffic by 2017. This major shift towards sharing video presents another opportunity for law firms, as well as individual attorneys, to connect …

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Jul 27, 2015Is Twitter Worth It? Pros and Cons

Twitter has been around for almost a decade, and many law firms are still understandably hesitant to dive in. How can a site that lets you post only 140 characters at a time help your firm and its attorneys? Here are some advantages and disadvantages of Twitter that apply to both firm and individual attorney engagement.


It’s easy to Tweet. With Twitter, promoting your law firm and sharing its information has never been easier or faster. Find relevant information by searching hashtags, retweet (RT) interesting content, post about podcasts …

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