September 20, 2023

Why Hire a Content Marketing Firm?

Content Marketing Firm

If you run a professional services firm, the last thing on your mind is content. Between dealing with clients and professional development, you probably do not have the time to engage in a comprehensive content plan.

But this does not mean you should neglect content marketing. Failure to enact this critical marketing component can be detrimental to your business plan. Luckily, a PR company can be the perfect solution. They will handle content creation and scheduling on your behalf, consistently engaging your audience.

Our New York public relations professionals have outlined the benefits of outsourcing an agency to create content. For more specific questions, please contact us to discuss how we can assist your business in meeting its marketing goals.

Types of Content Marketing

There are several types of assets considered content marketing. Some include:

The type of content marketing needed may vary by industry and audience. A New York public relations agency can advise you on what aligns best with your marketing goals and overall business plan.

content marketing

Benefits of Hiring an Integrated Marketing Firm

Regardless of what type of industry you are in, content marketing can take your company to the next level. However, if done improperly it can be a waste of time and budget.

Public relations firms are readily available and knowledgeable about the nuances of marketing. With your guidance and approval, they will work tirelessly on day-to-day content creation. This will allow you to reap the benefits without any hassle.

Here are 5 ways a content marketing firm can help your team!

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a vital part of a content marketing strategy. Because this component is complex, it is often difficult to maintain in-house as one juggles other pressing job-related tasks.

Here is where a content marketing firm can really thrive. Their team will conduct continuous SEO research to understand what keywords your clients are searching for. They will use this research to draft all content accordingly, maximizing your reach. For example, if “Vancouver estate planning law firm,” has a high keyword ranking, digital content should incorporate this terminology.

Diverse and Knowledgeable Perspective

Another advantage of working with a New York PR firm is their unique knowledge of the industry and target audiences. Just as a lawyer is specialized in their craft, a PR professional is well-versed in the nuances of marketing.

It can be hard to set aside your bias and perspective of your own business, resulting in mundane content. A PR company knows the latest trends, slang, and other components necessary to appeal to your target audience. For example, they can repurpose your thought-leadership article on the nuances of healthcare law into something your audience can understand.

A PR company will draft engaging data-driven content that the audience can resonate with. Ultimately this will increase the chances of interaction and ideally, conversions.

Integrated Approach

Content marketing is not a one-off approach to marketing. In fact, it is most successful when coupled with other aspects of a PR campaign. If you are promoting a legal accolade you will want to update web, social, and any print assets accordingly.

While promoting a Chambers’ award on LinkedIn is great, it is important to leverage content further to maximize reach. The addition of a bio update and website post can help further spread this message into your branding.


Publishing content is an ongoing cycle. Failing to post can result in the following:

  • Loss of followers
  • Loss of engagement
  • Untimeliness of news
  • Missed business opportunities
  • Appearing uninformed

Regardless of the industry, clients want to see that companies are up-to-date with the latest industry updates and trends.

Say you hired a new Partner at your law firm. Post this update in a timely fashion to capitalize on the news while it is still fresh. Businesses can come across as unorganized or unengaged if their news is consistently delayed or not updated.

Or, for another example, an immigration law firm fails to update its accounts with relevant publications or thought leadership on policies. Clients may gravitate towards the firms that are posting about their services. As a result, you could miss business opportunities.

Creative Assets

Content marketing agencies often have experience in making creative assets including social media graphics, infographics, website banners, and more. They may also have skills in photography and/or photo editing.

Professional service firms often do not have the technology or capacity to create engaging images. Thus, they may resort to presets, stock images, or raw files. A PR company can take this content to the next level by designing upscale visuals for any need. Instead of shadows and harsh lighting, your clients will see a clean and visually appealing post.

Branding and Marketing Agency

Horowitz Agency – Bi-Coastal Branding and Marketing Agency

Horowitz Agency is a leading content marketing firm servicing the United States and Canada. Our team of PR professionals has a deep bench of experience in all aspects of branding and marketing across various industries.

We are committed to enhancing the client experience and will work directly with you to understand your company and its needs. Whether you are looking for digital marketing or reputation management, Horowitz Agency is here to facilitate.

For more information on our content marketing services, please fill out our contact form to speak with a public relations specialist.

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