November 17, 2022

What Services Does a Public Relations Agency Offer?

Hiring a PR Agency

Whether you are a U.S.or Canadian-based professional services firm, chances are your business could benefit from a PR plan. Public relations is an essential part of every organization as it fosters a strong public image to portray to consumers, colleagues, investors, and even competitors.

Hiring a public relations agency can be a smart move for any business, no matter your industry. Regardless of whether you are just starting your PR strategy or are already a well-established business, working with a PR agency can yield new insights on how to create a competitive front.

Public Relations Agency Services

A good PR agency offers countless services that can bolster your public image. Some agencies may be well-versed in specific areas, while others may be full-service. Agencies may also offer marketing services including website and content creation.

Read further to understand the key public relations agency services that may be ideal for your company’s growth.

Reputation Management:

A strong reputation is a critical factor in the success of any business. To ensure it does not falter, a PR agency will monitor and track how your organization is being perceived across many modes of communication including but not limited to social media, word of mouth, news outlets, search engines, and more. Based on this data, a public relations professional will be able to suggest new strategies and approaches to strengthen or change the perception of your company.

Crisis Management:

No one wants “bad press” but, unfortunately, it impacts most businesses at one point or another. Careful marketing and management can reduce the impact of a crisis, but it will still need to be addressed. A public relations professional will work relentlessly to keep up with the news cycle, provide commentary as needed, and ensure all forms of external communication are properly conducted. Essentially, a good PR agency can help a company make a comeback.

Offerings from a full service public relations agency

Media Relations:

One of the most common tasks of a public relations account manager is to maintain strong relationships with the media. A PR agency will regularly advertise you and your company’s offerings to journalists in order to spark coverage in the press. Similarly, a PR expert will work in collaboration with you to publish bylined pieces or guest columns in major publications.

Press Releases:

A press release is a great way to broadcast the hiring of a new employee or the launching of a new collaboration. A public relations professional will assist in the creation and distribution of any press releases to relevant industry contacts.

Event Planning:

Public relations agencies understand the importance of events – hosted by you or an outside organization– in promoting your business. Some event-related tasks that they may be able to handle include the designing and ordering of branded merchandise, the branding of any papers or presentations related to the event, press coverage of the event, sponsorship or vendor opportunities, speaking engagements, and more.

Speaking Engagements:

Public speaking can be overwhelming and daunting for many professionals. Sometimes it can be a struggle to put your thoughts into words. A public relations agency may be able to work alongside you to brainstorm and edit your scripts. Whether it is practicing for a podcast interview or writing a welcome speech for your organization’s annual fundraiser, a PR professional can provide nuanced insight to strengthen your composure.


Even the strongest businesses will need to routinely forge new connections with prospective clients, community members, and industry professionals. A PR agency will be able to conduct outreach on your behalf to ensure these introductions are being made. Some examples include: setting up introductory dinners with potential clients, emailing the leaders of conferences, and contacting local businesses for participation in any events. Essentially, a good PR agency will take on your branding and facilitate any external communications to be consistent with it.

Public Relations Agency- Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver

Your brand’s reputation is directly related to its performance, therefore regardless of your industry, an investment in public relations is well spent. Finding a PR agency that understands you can ease your concerns and allow you to focus on other aspects of your business.

At Horowitz Agency, we take pride in our ability to personally connect with all of our clients, allowing us to provide individualized approaches that generate real results. To speak with one of our PR professionals about potential opportunities, contact us today.

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