September 13, 2023

Why Geographic Location Matters in a PR Strategy

Location Based Marketing

Geographic location is a key factor in the world of public relations. Each geographic region has its own unique lifestyles, trends, and cultures. These differences may impact the PR strategy that your company should use.

Playing to your target audience successfully requires an understanding of preferences in that specific region. As one of the top marketing companies (Vancouver, New York, and California) we provide insightful and results-oriented advice on location-specific public relations strategies. Our PR professionals help build connections, increase engagement, and build credibility for clients across a wide breadth of industries.

Types of Location-Based Marketing Strategies

Location-based marketing strategies can increase success rates of PR because of geographic-specific context. Some examples of this include:

  • Localized networking events
  • Region-based partnerships – sponsoring local businesses and influencers
  • Relevant community engagement
  • Geo-fencing– a location-based digital strategy which sends targeted advertisements to users in a specific radius.

Creating a strong local presence for your company or services will greatly drive your success rates. A Vancouver public relations firm can outline the best marketing strategy based on your goals and budget.

Benefits of Location-Based Marketing

Location-based marketing brings a plethora of benefits to PR effectiveness. Hyper-targeting allows for specialized marketing messages to be received by the target audience. Potential customers are more likely to engage with content relevant to their geographic location.

Establishing trust and credibility in specific regions allows for community connections. These connections may include local events or collaborations with local businesses and influencers. Location-based businesses are also helpful when dealing with crisis management and face-to-face connections. These factors increase the positive impacts of PR, and build stronger relationships.

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Audience Behavior

Understanding the ins and outs of audience behavior can allow for even more successful location-based marketing. Often, people make decisions and interact based on their physical locations. Our Vancouver PR firm analyzes and personalizes strategies to coordinate with these behaviors.

  • Foot traffic patterns allow for the determination of the best locations to hold promotional events.
  • Content marketing for relevant information to the audience locations creates more successful engagement. Graphic design and a strong online presence can aid this process. Social media marketing is also very useful when appealing to the younger generations.
  • Collecting data and market research can allow public relations agencies to personalize audience segmentation. Online marketing and search engine optimization allows for easy tracking of popular advertisements.
  • Observing audience preferences provides insight into the effectiveness of your marketing. For example, conversion and engagement rates can help you keep or change certain marketing tactics to generate more engagement.


Aligning your brand values with those of the communities you are marketing to can be very beneficial. Allowing potential customers to see what meaningful values your company holds can drive a deeper client relationship.

For example, clothing brands that value sustainable production may market themselves in locations known for its environmentally-conscious residents or organizations. This promotes a shared responsibility between you and the customer to better the community.

Similarly, participating in local events or fundraisers can help showcase your brand’s values. Your support to the community provides trust and loyalty, which creates a positive distinction surrounding your business.

Creating unity and shared interest between your brand and your community helps leverage location-based marketing. Values matter to most audiences, and customers love to see that there is more to the brand than just sales tactics.

A marketing agency [Vancouver] is knowledgeable about client values and preferences, and will tailor campaigns to best appeal to these without compromising the company’s integrity.

Cultural Aspects

Cultural diversity is an important aspect of location-based marketing. Understanding the cultural nuances of a community can help you create genuine connections and stay relevant.

Examples of culture-specific marketing will pay attention to traditions, social norms, languages, and celebrations. Using PR strategies that respect these cultural aspects can ensure more meaningful communication. Celebrating local traditions shows your commitment to the community and fosters loyalty.

A few ways to embrace the cultural nuances of the community and show respect to traditions can include:

  • Incorporate community cultural elements into your marketing campaigns. Event planning for cultural seasons or holidays specific to the region increases engagement and brand recognition.
  • Be sensitive in your PR or marketing approach. Make sure not to appropriate culture but rather appreciate it and gain trust from potential customers.

Cultural awareness allows for stronger connections and diverse customer relations. Our Vancouver public relations firm can help you deepen your understanding of cultural importance and expand your range of services.

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Recognizing geographic location in your public relations strategy is essential. Local context should shape your content creation and help navigate PR success. Location, audience behavior, culture, and values all provide great insight into personalizing marketing.

At Horowitz Agency, we strategize based on location, creating more meaningful and diverse messages, connections, and presence in different communities. Our PR firm embraces geographic-location strategies to reach more customers on a personal and authentic level.

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