February 16, 2023

Why You Should Hire an Agency for Crisis Public Relations

crisis public relations

At some point or another, even the best businesses will face a situation where crisis public relations is necessary. It’s wise to have a solid plan in place before it’s needed to help limit damage. If you’re already working with a PR agency and have a crisis PR strategy at the ready, you’ll be able to expediently craft a response and blast it out if/when it’s needed, leading to the best outcome possible for your business. 

Why crisis management is important

Some PR agencies specialize in crisis management, but any traditional PR agency with long term clients that has been around for a while has worked with a client or two that has encountered a crisis. If you partner with a traditional PR agency, chances are that agency is in the best position to handle any crisis that comes up; the agency will work with you to continue to promote the positive attributes of your business, while concurrently tackling the crisis at hand. 

There are several reasons why it’s important to hire an agency for crisis public relations, including: 

  • Expertise – PR agencies have the experience and expertise to handle complex and high-stakes situations, and can provide strategic guidance on how to respond to a crisis in a way that protects an organization’s reputation.
  • Objectivity – A PR agency can provide an objective perspective and help organizations respond to a crisis in a calm and rational manner, avoiding the potential for impulsive or emotional decisions that may inadvertently make a situation worse.
  • Speed – In a crisis situation, time is of the essence. An agency can respond quickly and help companies take appropriate action to minimize damage and mitigate negative consequences.
  • Media Relations – A PR agency has established relationships with the media and can help organizations effectively communicate with the press, ensuring that the right message is communicated to the public.
  • Reputation Management – An effective crisis PR strategy can help organizations work their way back to a positive public perception even once a crisis has been resolved.
  • SEO – any experienced integrated PR agency will understand how search works and how to manage SERPs.

Conversely, without a PR agency guiding the way during a crisis, a business may not have the capacity to respond quickly enough; any given situation can escalate without swift action. Also, without assistance from a PR firm, a company risks clunky communication. It’s no easy feat to  know how to properly communicate with the media, stakeholders, and the public during a crisis, and it’s all too easy to accidentally spread misinformation. 

crisis public relations

How to find a PR agency for crisis management

  1. Determine your needs – Before beginning your search, determine what type of services you need and what specific crisis situations you’d like the agency to be prepared to handle.
  2. ResearchLook for agencies that have experience working with organizations in your industry and ask them what kind of crisis PR they’ve done on behalf of their clients. You can start by searching online for an agency in your area and reading about their expertise and previous case studies.
  3. Referrals – Reach out to colleagues in your field and ask for recommendations. Trusted connections may have firsthand experience working with a PR agency and can provide valuable insight. 
  4. Evaluate experience – Look for agencies that have a track record of success in handling crises and those that have experience dealing with the specific types of crisis situations you are concerned about. 
  5. Schedule consultations – Contact several agencies and schedule consultations to discuss your needs and learn about their services and experience. This will give you the opportunity to ask questions and assess each agency’s approach. 
  6. Choose the right fit – After evaluating the agencies on your list, choose the one that best aligns with your business. Which agency’s team do you feel most comfortable working with?

Best Crisis public relations agency [New York]

By working with a PR agency for crisis management, organizations can better manage negative events and minimize their impact on their reputation. Horowitz Agency is a full-service integrated marketing and public relations agency with over 15 years of experience in the professional services industry. Our team of public relations specialists values a collaborative relationship with our clients and provides a customized approach to meet your PR needs, including crisis management public relations. If you’d benefit from some support in crisis PR, reach out to us and let’s discuss ways we can help.

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