December 21, 2022

What Makes New York Public Relations Different From Public Relations in Other Regions?

Public Relations isn’t vastly different from market to market. There are different strategies and tools that may be utilized more in certain regions or industries, but the core principles usually remain the same. However, some markets do have a wider reach and influence than others. New York is one of those geographic areas in which an idea has the potential to accelerate faster and travel farther than it would in the rest of the country. To be able to utilize the awesome power that is New York public relations, you first need to understand how it works.

New York is a Cultural Hub

There is no question that New York is a cultural hub. Whether it’s creatives, entrepreneurs or academics, New York has them in abundance. New York is a cultural hub because people from all over the country and world flock to it, and people flock to it because New York is a cultural hub, home to a wide variety of industries. New York is also a massive economy. The city’s GDP alone is larger than Canada’s. This makes it a potentially lucrative location for businesses, due to the sheer quantity of people and the potential opportunities that can develop.

Countless Media Outlets in New York

One of the industries that has flocked to New York in droves over the decades has been media. New and old media companies have found New York to be a hospitable home with similar benefits that other industries enjoy. As people connect more and work together, they start to have a substantial influence on each other. If a good or bad opinion is strongly believed by enough people in the right places, it can quickly spread across New York. When you mix that level of cross-pollination with the sheer number of different groups, cultures, and communities in New York, you get a potential atom bomb of influence.

The ceiling of what’s possible is higher and the difficulty of reaching it is tenfold. For the right agency, having so many different groups within arms reach is paradise. But, where there is so much opportunity, there is also an abundance of competition. These circumstances foster a distinctly competitive and cutthroat environment. Anyone who can hold their own in New York public relations is already highly skilled, but to be able to stand out takes the cream of the crop. This is to say while New York public relations may be awesome in the scope of power, you need to learn to harness it, or else you’re just trying to race your skateboard in the Daytona 500.

PR is Global, but all eyes are on New York

Good public relations can be done anywhere, but being in a media-rich region like New York certainly helps. You can send a press release or tweet, or contact journalists from anywhere. But ultimately, your work won’t travel far enough if people aren’t talking about it. If getting coverage is a race, New York is the starting point, as what gets talked about in New York today gets discussed in LA tomorrow and dispersed throughout the country next week. With all that influence concentrated in one place, the rest of the US and the world pays attention to New York and the messaging that comes out of it.

Doesn’t the Internet Close the Distance?

With the world wide web completely at our fingertips, you’d think location wouldn’t be as big of a differentiator. After all, hasn’t social media leveled the playing field? Yes… and no. While it’s true anyone anywhere can make waves online, all on their own, it’s not as easy as influencers make it seem. The right location, in this case New York, can help you create connections and utilize the many established media outlets and tools for maximum effectiveness. It’s hard to develop connections with the media when you don’t have much of a presence in the area and can’t offer them much. This goes with the idea of not using people as a means to an end. If you can offer people value up front, then they’ll be inclined to help you after you’ve helped them.

Talk to a New York Public Relations Agency

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