October 20, 2022

Vancouver Estate Planning Law Firm Marketing 101

estate planning law firm marketing

Estate planning law firms specialize in the preparation of documents that ensure the preservation of assets, the most strategic transfers of wealth, and the administration of one’s estate after death. Among other things, Vancouver estate planning attorneys will help their clients create a will and determine beneficiaries, establish power of attorney, reduce estate tax, and ultimately ensure their legacy is protected in accordance with their wishes. Contested wills and estate plans will need experienced litigators to resolve disputes and appear in court. Contested matters are sometimes handled on a contingency basis.

Since the basics of estate planning is necessary for all individuals, there is a large market opportunity for estate planning law firms. Thus, it is important to distinguish one’s firm from its competitors. The right marketing strategy will allow estate planning law firms to increase their client roster and continue to stay on top of their competitors.

Types of Marketing for Estate Planning Law Firms in Vancouver

Like other legal practices, there are countless marketing ideas for estate planning attorneys. The first step in developing a marketing plan would be determining whether you will be dedicating in-house resources, or onboarding a full-service PR agency. Hiring marketing firms for estate planning attorneys is a great option to ensure your marketing needs are met.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing plans are becoming exceedingly more common amongst all industries. Components of digital marketing plans include:

Being firmly planted in the digital age, it is important to be marketing your professional services firm on platforms that will reach a large audience. While holiday cards, or other mail-ins may be a great supplement to your marketing efforts, it is important that your estate planning firm is easily accessible online. 

Digital marketing plans do not have to be complex for them to be effective. For example, an estate planning law firm may post recent presentations or accolades on their LinkedIn for additional recognition. Similarly, posting bi-monthly articles onto the firm’s website can add credibility and serve as a resource for potential clients.

Public Relations

Another consideration for a marketing plan is the incorporation of public relations elements. While marketing is a great way to advertise your estate planning services, PR will take your strategy to the next level. A Vancouver PR agency will be able to assist you in publishing industry articles, getting quoted in leading news outlets, and forming other valuable media relationships.

As mentioned before, running an estate planning law firm in Vancouver may require specialized attention due to the competitive nature of the industry. Therefore, it is important to be publicly recognized in the media and within the legal profession to maintain authority. 

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How to Get Estate Planning Clients in Vancouver

As mentioned before, incorporating an integrated marketing plan will generate brand awareness and ultimately lead to the retention of new clients. Thus, it is important to determine your target market and focus your efforts on reaching it. Once you know who your messages are being received by, you can begin to form valuable relationships with your clients through follow-ups and other related outreach.

Additionally, since estate planning deals with complex financial aspects, it is important to establish relationships with financial planners and accountants. These professionals will be critical in referring new clients to your firm. You will also have reliable resources at your disposal to recommend to any clients in need of additional financial support. 

A great way to establish these relationships is through networking events and conventions, as well as local outreach. Do not be discouraged from reaching out through email or other preferred means of communication to schedule an introductory meeting. A Vancouver PR agency will be able to support your outreach efforts, and help connect you with valuable industry professionals.

Searching For the Top Marketing Agencies in Vancouver? Look No Further

Horowitz Agency is highly rated as one of the top marketing agencies in Vancouver, and the United States. Our team of experts each bring a unique perspective and talent that allows us to craft individualized approaches catered to our client’s needs. Whether you are a Vancouver estate planning attorney or another type of professional services firm looking to expand its marketing efforts, we can help your brand’s digital presence grow exponentially.

Speak with one of our marketing experts today to hear why your firm should consider onboarding a full-service PR agency.

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