April 8, 2024

Which Media Outlet Tier Is Best for Your PR Strategy?

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Securing media placements can significantly expand your business’s visibility, reaching broader and more diverse audiences. However, the key lies in selecting the appropriate media outlet to capture the attention of your identified target audience most effectively.

Hiring a New York public relations (PR) firm or outsourcing a PR agency in Los Angeles can amplify your PR strategy, extending your reach and getting your name out there. While many may assume that top-tier media outlets with over 20 million viewers are hands-down the best choices, this isn’t always the case.

Sometimes, honing in on a smaller niche audience can yield more impactful results for your brand’s long-term success.

Below, we’ll examine the various tiers of media outlets to assist you in finding the best one for your PR strategy.

Tier 1PR firm

Tier 1, also known as top-tier media outlets, are the massive business, consumer, or news outlets that are widely recognized and everyone knows about. Think Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, CNN, Good Morning America — you get the gist.

Tier 1 outlets reach a national, or even global, audience of over 20 million people. Securing coverage in top-tier publications provides high credibility and influence, reaching a diverse and massive audience, and could potentially enhance your brand reputation and prestige.

While many assume that gaining earned media coverage in major broadcast networks, national or international newspapers, top magazines, and influential podcasts is the optimal objective for every brand, smaller media outlets could be a better fit depending on your target market, brand identity, and PR goals.

Tier 2

Tier 2 media outlets refer to mid-tier business, consumer, or news outlets that attract moderately sized audiences. Examples of tier 2 publications include specialized magazines like Well+Good (a health and wellness online publication). Other examples include:

  • Verge
  • PopSugar
  • Scripps News

Tier 2 outlets can also refer to local TV and radio stations or regional newspapers targeting specific cities or states, rather than national markets. Tier 2 outlets target a more specific demographic, garner a moderately sized audience, and are more specialized than tier 1 outlets.

Tier 3

canada PR firm

PR firm

Tier 3 media outlets might be viewed as the “lowest” tier, but that doesn’t mean they won’t garner strong audience attention or achieve the conversions your brand desires. This tier targets smaller audiences under 3 million (typically within the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands range). For example, tier 3 encompasses local news outlets like KTLA or AM New York Metro.

Tier 3 outlets are more personal and relevant. They reach the smallest sized audiences compared to tiers 1 and 2, but the specific communities are highly interested and engaged.

Which Tier Is the Best One For Your PR Strategy?

We’ve explained the differences between all three media tiers, but now it’s time to understand why top-tier outlets aren’t necessarily the end-all-be-all.

Let’s say you own a niche organic skincare brand targeting environmentally conscious consumers. Securing coverage in The Wall Street Journal may seem like the ultimate victory, but it might not translate to meaningful engagement and peak conversions.

The Wall Street Journal primarily targets finance fanatics and business professionals looking for economic or political updates and market trends. They aren’t necessarily seeking skincare advice or interested in purchasing organic makeup products.

Instead, securing coverage in specialized beauty blogs or eco-conscious lifestyle magazines could generate more interest and lead to a significant increase in sales. Why aim to get covered in major national and global outlets if the audience’s appeals don’t align with your brand or product offerings?

Legal professionals may also want to consider peer-oriented outlets. Let’s say you are an attorney with a specialized practice in artificial intelligence, a largely unprecedented space. Publishing an article in the New York Law Journal will likely garner the attention of other lawyers who may source you for outside counsel or send referrals. While individual clients may not be avid readers of the publication, it is a great way to receive peer recognition and establish credentials!

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