February 27, 2023

How New York City Public Relations Experts Can Get You Quoted

Media Coverage

Media exposure can go a long way in creating brand awareness and establishing authority. Customers tend to trust companies that are marketed as experts in their field. It is important to get your name out in the press in order to have a competitive advantage.

The world of journalism is complex and can be overwhelming for those beginning their PR campaign. Due to the fast-paced nature of the media, the perfect opportunity can often be missed. Because of this, it is recommended that a company works with a public relations firm who is specialized in media placements.

Press Coverage

What is the Relationship Between PR and Journalists?

Most PR agencies work closely with journalists, allowing them to easily facilitate interviews with their clients. When the right opportunity presents itself, your public relations account manager will connect you to relevant media contacts.
Public relations specialists regularly develop and implement a media relations strategy that includes:

A public relations agency aims to secure media coverage that positively represents its clients and helps increase those clients’ visibility and reputation. Meanwhile, the journalists benefit as well by gaining exclusive information and key quotes that allow them to compete against other outlets covering similar matters.

However, PR agencies can’t guarantee media coverage. Journalists have the final say on what stories they choose to cover and what content makes the final cut.

New York Public Realtions Firm

How to Prepare for a Media Interview

Interviews can be nerve-racking, even for media veterans. Public relations professionals are extremely media savvy and can easily coach their clients on how to approach an interview.

Whether it is an off-the-record interview or a live podcast or talk show or an interview for a print publication, a PR specialist can advise you ahead of time on:

  • What information to or not to disclose
  • Relevant resources to review including recent news articles, legal documents, etc.
  • Scripts (if questions are given in advance)

For televised interviews, PR professionals can advise on physical presentation to ensure your look is appropriate and positively reflects of the company. Similarly, they can provide feedback on body language and facial expressions, which is especially important in cases involving any crisis PR or reputation management.

A public relations agency will help with the majority of an interview but individuals will need to prepare themselves as well. Before your interview, it is recommended you follow these steps:

  1. Research the interviewer and the media outlet: Familiarize yourself with the interviewer and their work. Also, consider the media outlet’s content and audience.
  2. Determine your key messages: Identify the key points you want to convey and prepare specific examples or stories to support them.
  3. Practice: Practice answering potential questions that may come up during the interview, and rehearse your key messages.

After your media interview, your public relations specialist will follow up on your behalf. They may also be able to guide the journalist on the narrative to ensure you are comfortable with the final product.

What is the Value of Press Releases?

Press releases are a valuable tool that allow organizations to communicate important information and news. They can be used to announce:

  • New products/services
  • Partnerships
  • Upcoming events,
  • Company updates including new locations or hires
  • Achievements

Press releases are an inexpensive way to generate media coverage and build brand awareness. They can also be distributed via a variety of channels, including wire services, social media, and the company’s own website. Because they’re a low lift, companies should highly consider adding press releases to their business plan.

When the opportunity arises to create a press release, a PR professional can help facilitate the drafting. As experts, they will be able to help the organization control the messaging and storytelling around its brand. This is especially important when a journalist is involved in the distribution of the content.

They will also handle the media placement. It is important to be strategic because not every outlet has the right audience or overall fit for your message. A full-service integrated marketing agency will align your press release with your business plan to get the most successful outcome.

Leveraging Media Coverage

Getting media coverage is great, but it means little if you don’t know how to properly promote it. After the piece is published or broadcast, you should further advertise it on all relevant platforms. A PR specialist can handle distribution on your behalf to maximize the targeted reach.

Repurposing content allows you to reach a larger audience, further showcasing your expertise and services. Maximizing social media and SEO algorithms could attract even more potential customers. A full-service marketing agency is a perfect fit for a business looking to strengthen and integrate all aspects of its PR and marketing plan.

Take the Next Step with a PR Firm

Regardless of your industry, establishing credibility in the media will help escalate your marketing efforts. Horowitz Agency is widely respected by journalists and professionals for our contributions to the media landscape. We have successfully placed our clients in top-tier outlets including Forbes, Associated Press, People, and more.

Taking a personalized approach, we work with individuals to determine the best positioning and messaging to align with their professional goals. From entertainment companies to professional services firms, we have a commendable track record.

Whether you are interested in publishing a press release or speaking on the latest industry news, our bi-coastal team of California and New York City public relations experts can help. Contact us today to hear more about how we can strengthen your reputation.

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