June 21, 2023

Is Hiring a PR Firm Worth the Money?

Is Hiring a PR Firm Worth the Money?

Most businesses will at some point face the question: Is hiring a PR (public relations) firm worth the money? As you weigh your options on this question, you might be wondering whether you can handle the task of PR on your own; after all, there’s no barrier to entry when it comes to public relations, so why not DIY it? What does a PR agency do that you can’t do on your own, you might be wondering. But partnering with a public relations agency adds immense value to any business, no matter the type or size. Here are 10 reasons why hiring a PR firm for your company is absolutely worth the money. 

The benefits of hiring a PR agency

Media relationships – Public relations firms have substantial networks of relationships with journalists, reporters, and influencers. They have built these relationships carefully over time, and, as a result, will have a level of access to the media that others simply do not have. The benefit of working with the top PR firms is that media outlets actually come to them seeking sources. Needless to say, this is invaluable. Ultimately, working with a PR firm to leverage these kinds of connections can help you secure media coverage, thereby increasing your visibility and enabling you to reach a wider audience.

Deep knowledge of the media landscape – Relatedly, PR experts have a deep and nuanced familiarity with the media world. For example, public relations professionals understand the nuanced difference between this publication and that one, and the difference between the audience demographic for this talk show versus the other one.

Credibility, trust and authority that sets you apart from the competition – If a business has a visible history of media coverage—say, in broadcasts and/or print media—it is legitimizing. This type of editorial coverage has more weight than advertising; in fact, many consider it the most effective form of marketing because the vetting is unbiased since it comes from independent/third-party sources. So why should a potential customer choose you over a competitor? Well, if you’ve got media coverage that positions you as a leader and an authority in your field, that’s excellent business differentiation right there. This is a key component of marketing.  

Is Hiring a PR Firm Worth the Money?

Public relations helps SEO – Effective PR leads to a good online presence and, ultimately, a higher SEO ranking, which is crucial in our online world. As your brand is mentioned across a variety of high authority websites, more people are likely to find and visit your site. This will help your business land towards the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs), and this visibility, over time, should generate an increase in leads, and, ultimately, sales

Story creation – A good PR firm goes beyond basic press releases and media alerts. They will be experts at finding the most compelling, most intentional ways to tell your story, always keeping in mind what types of narratives will resonate with the press. A professional services public relations agency will provide an outside perspective on your brand, which is very helpful since you are likely deeply immersed in your messaging. They will also have an understanding of timing, knowing what to pitch when for maximum exposure. Story creation is really an art, and public relations professionals bring this skill to the table. 

It frees you up to tend to other important business – PR work is ongoing, sometimes tedious, and requires diligence and steady cultivation over time. Taking some of this work off your own team’s plates allows them to focus on other important aspects of running the business. This is true all the time, but especially while working on communications during crises. 

It’s a better marketing spend – As mentioned above, earned media (press) carries more weight than paid media (paid advertising), especially in the eyes of millennials who tend to distrust traditional media. Given this, it’s wise to think about re-allocating some of the money you might have spent on paid advertising to PR in order to help you secure earned media hits.

PR placements pay dividends – Each media hit you receive continues to work for you over time, building on itself multiple times over – and not just in a SEO capacity. For example, let’s say you get a nice placement in a high-authority publication. You link to this in future outreach, which helps your credibility and leads to the next hit. In addition, any potential customers who are looking up your services will see these hits, which is legitimizing. All of this leads to easier “yesses” on the new client front. In general, media hits should be repurposed and re-shared in as many ways as possible; a single story can be disseminated through several channels and reach a broad audience across multiple platforms and in multiple packagings.

Crisis management –  At some point, even the best businesses will face a situation where crisis management is required. Therefore it’s smart to have a solid plan in place before it’s needed, in order to limit damage. With a PR firm in place, you’ll be able to expediently craft a response and blast it out when/ if it’s needed, leading to the best outcome possible. PR firms are skilled in crisis communication and can assist with developing crisis management plans, drafting statements, and managing media inquiries during times of reputational risk.

Money savings in the long run – Public relations is one of the most cost-effective types of marketing because it uses media outlets as the messengers to tell your story. This, in turn, ultimately reduces the amount you’ll need to throw at your paid advertising budget. 

The decision to hire a PR firm should be based on an assessment of your needs, budget and goals. But for all the reasons above, hiring a PR firm is a smart investment for any business, as public relations is a key part of an integrated marketing plan. Consider interviewing multiple PR firms, reviewing their track records and assessing how their services align with your goals before making a final decision. 

If PR was easy it wouldn’t be valuable. But the benefits of public relations are so substantial that even if you’re a small business, it’s wise to think of PR as a must-have part of your marketing strategy. Paying close attention to how your business is positioned and perceived by the public will bring leads, sales and, ultimately, profits. 

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