October 4, 2021

7 Easy Blog Topics That Drive Leads for Your Law Firm

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Blogs help legal practices improve SEO rankings while also driving engagement with potential leads. However, one of the challenges many law firms face is that they don’t know what to write about. Let’s take a look at 7 topics that you can use to kickstart your blog.

Why Every Law Firm Should Have a Blog

People may hesitate to work with law firms because they don’t know what to expect. They want to gauge the firm’s experience and personality first. Blogging gives you a way to represent yourself and share your expertise with potential clients without ever having an offline conversation with them.

When you publish a blog that provides value, information, or entertainment, you show what you can do as a law firm. This builds trust and can even turn into a relationship, even if it means they convert into a subscriber at first. If you’re struggling to find blog ideas for your law firm, here are some things you can try:

7 Legal Blog Topics for Your Firm’s Website

1. FAQs

Having frequently asked questions in a blog post can help lessen the number of redundant inquiries you get. It’s also something potential and current clients can use as a reference. Here are a few to write an FAQ:

  • An FAQ about working with your law firm
  • An FAQ for each type of practice area
  • An FAQ for laws in your state

You can create and divide as many topics as you like to help answer questions for your readers.

2. Law Updates

Recent changes in legislation are great topics because of their timely nature and impact on cities and states. By publishing updates as soon as the news breaks, you can set yourself ahead of your competitors. People will view you as a reliable source of information. It’s also a way for you to show your expertise and dedication to your craft. You can take it a step further by bringing some personal insights into how these changes can directly affect your clients.

3. Case Results

Blogs are a great way to share big wins. You can describe a case from a high level and uncover your role in the client’s success. Don’t include specific details and hide confidential information to keep everything professional. People are attracted to winners, so this is a way for you to gain trust and authority with your practice.

These cases can also impact SEO if your case involves a public company or personality. Established publications are more likely to link your stories and direct people to your firm.

4. Explain How a Lawsuit or Trial Works

People may not know what to expect when they file a lawsuit or are being sued. Or they may not understand what happens when they miss a court date or how to handle opposing lawyers. By helping them understand in plain language some of the intricacies of common legal issues, you can connect with your audience and also build trust around your firm.

5. The Benefits of Having a Lawyer

Describe the consequences of going through complex trials or convoluted cases without the required knowledge or experience that an attorney possesses. Demonstrating the things that could go wrong when they’re on their own can compel leads to work with you.

6. The Consultation

Another potential roadblock for clients is the legal consultation process. They don’t know what to expect during the first meeting, so a blog post can help them properly prepare. Tell them what they need to bring and what to expect when they talk with you. When you create a post like this, you set expectations and consultations can go smoother for both parties.

7. Seasonal Content

There are times in the year where certain types of cases spike in popularity. For example, car accidents become more common during the rainy or winter season. Summer weddings create a growing need for prenuptial agreements. Using your data and experience, create timely posts to attract the right visitors at the right time.

Start Blogging

Posting valuable and relevant information to your blog is a great step to generating more traffic to your site. When you focus on creating and publishing helpful content for your readers, then you have a better chance of converting them into clients. If you need assistance coming up with a content strategy for your blog, reach out to us, we’d be happy to help.

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