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The Industry’s Most Reputable Marketing Agency

As one of the leading business-to-business marketing agencies, Horowitz Agency works exclusively with top law firms, production companies, and financial and management firms across the United States. We work with small and medium-sized firms, generally employing 1-75 practitioners.

In today’s competitive marketplace, it has become imperative to make a powerful impression on prospective clients. As a marketing agency, we work to actualize goals set forth in a strategic marketing plan.

We help firms mine data to take advantage of the rule that a large percentage of new business comes from existing clients. Our training programs help companies retain clients and expand work.

Why is planning so important? Building consensus and creating a roadmap are both key to driving an organization forward. It is extremely helpful to bring in an outside marketing agency comprised of professionals who have worked in-house to audit existing marketing practices and bring a fresh prospective to ongoing efforts.

Many companies use a gunshot approach to marketing: the shareholders throw ideas against a wall to see what sticks. We believe that a thorough company and market assessment will reveal your company’s position in the marketplace and its differentiators. Only then does it make sense to create tactics that will yield ROI.

Advertising and public relations strategies also stem from a company’s strategy, mission and vision statements. How do you know what publications to target unless you know your niche? How do you know what events to attend unless you know your target market? Many companies mistakenly throw money at advertising before conducting thorough demographics studies.

In this day and age, your website and social campaigns often make lasting first impressions on prospective clients. It is vital to treat your sites and social media accounts like a storefront. What do you want clients and prospective clients to see? What do you want them to know? How can you sell to them without “selling?” We maximize your Internet presence by incorporating pertinent content into applicable designs and message centers, and we then help you manage back-end content along with creating metadata and other SEO strategies. Our professional hosting plans also ensure that sites do not go down and that any issues are addressed immediately.