September 30, 2021

Best CRM Software for Law Firms

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Effective information storage and organization practices are essential to maintaining the smooth workflow of any law firm. Lawyers must maintain proper records to make the most of your billable time while providing quality legal services to your clients.

Traditional paper record-keeping and spreadsheets are often used to manage contacts but are neither scalable nor efficient methods for growing firms. As a strong alternative, consider using contact management software to enhance your law firm’s capability to store, secure, and access vital information. Let’s take a look at various options to help you decide on how to streamline your contact management.

Definition of CRM

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. This system functions as a centralized location that stores digital information on the existing clients and potential customers of a business. The idea is to have one single source of truth about your contacts, whether they’re a lead, client, or professional contact.

Legal client relationship management software specializes in the business development functions of law firms. It manages various aspects of a firm’s operations, including client intake, client scheduling, client follow-up, and income tracking.

Legal CRM software improves the client intake procedure, so you can convert more potential clients into actual clients.

6 Best CRM Software for Law Firms

From our experience, here are some of the top CRM software for law firms that you can choose from, based on the particular needs of your legal practice.


CASEpeer is an advanced practice management solution for law firms. It strikes a balance between the power of a comprehensive case management solution and the versatility of the cloud. It was designed to streamline your legal practice from client intake to settlement.


  • Powerful features
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • Unique features like a negotiation function that lets you maximize the settlements of your clients
  • Free customer support and training
  • Transparent pricing system


  • Does not assist with marketing campaigns like other software products
  • Takes time to master the use of this software if you haven’t previously used other similar programs


Clio is a well-known practice management system for lawyers and law firms. It is designed to simplify the daily operations of legal practice to keep cases organized.


  • Most widely-used legal software utilized by 150,000 legal professionals in 90 countries
  • Flexible enough to meet the needs of various firm sizes
  • Expansive legal resource library
  • Offers training and personalized support to customers


  • Requires a mid-level service subscription to access the credit card processing feature
  • It involves a gradual learning curve


Filevine is a case, matter, investigation, and project management software for the legal field. It was created to address the limitations of popular software.


  • Concentrates on productive collaboration and efficient operations of law firms
  • Convenient SMS system for personal communication with clients
  • Indexing and hyperlinking features for easy access to documents


  • More expensive in comparison to other software products


HubSpot’s CRM platform is a robust business solution with sales, marketing, service, and operational hubs. It can also be beneficial for law firms that would like to grow their business and consolidate their sales and marketing efforts into one solution.


  • Powerful sales and marketing tools
  • Seamless contact management
  • Create deals to match your retainer workflow
  • Starts at a free price point
  • A large community of users and support


  • Does not include functionality that is specially designed for lawyers

Salesforce / Litify

Salesforce is a CRM solution for businesses of all sizes. The Litify system was built on top of Salesforce to meet the CRM needs of law firms.


  • Advanced features related to legal case management
  • Clean interface geared towards simple operations
  • Robust intake application function


  • More costly than competitor programs
  • Reporting mechanism may be too complex for small law firms

Next Steps

Whether you’re part of a small firm or are an independent lawyer, CRM software can transform the way that you do business. Weigh the strengths and weaknesses of each CRM software, or reach out to us to not only help you make a decision but help implement it smoothly with your current operational workflow.

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