June 4, 2018

Finding Your Brand in a Digital Age

Finding Your Brand in a Digital Age

In today’s day and age, social media is becoming evermore prevalent. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are all platforms that can help promote your brand. Whether you want to enhance a law firm brand, or promote your business management or production company, revamping your social media accounts will lead to more views, increased interaction, and greater public awareness of your overall purpose.

Make Posting a Habit

In order to draw in your audience, as well as maintain their attention, it is crucial to post frequently – but keep in mind that over-posting can sometimes be a nuisance to your viewers and turn them away. You must find a balance between posting regularly and posting too often.

Know How to Attract Readers

Your posts should be alluring so that they immediately catch people’s eyes. The captions themselves should be engaging in the sense that your audience will be intrigued by the information and will be able to relate to the content. Therefore, it is critical to know the character traits of your specific target audience…what are their interests, goals, desires and passions? Posting short captions or tweets that are straightforward and to-the-point will be more appealing to users in our ever-changing and highly distracted society. Most audience members have a short attention span so getting your point across in as few words as possible is recommended. In addition to engaging captions and headlines, enticing photos are necessary as well. Including photos in your posts makes it easier for your audience to comprehend the information. Professional, colorful and bright photos are particularly attractive to the eye. 

Engage With Your Audience

It is important to post content that allows you to interact with your audience. For example, a great place to start is asking broad questions that are relevant to both your company and audience. It is also helpful to include statements in your posts, such as “comment your thoughts below” or “tag someone who…” in order to create conversations amongst your company and the public. Your social media accounts should act as a “public forum,” where everyone feels comfortable commenting and communicating back and forth with your company, as well as other audience members. Responding to comments in a timely manner and actively engaging with your audience helps to form strong and quality relationships with your audience.

Include Hashtags When Possible

Hashtags are essential because they help promote, categorize and attract attention to your content. Hashtags identify certain keywords or topics so that various users can search them more easily. A few suggestions of the types of words that should be hashtagged include: locations, names of upcoming events, names of important people who are relevant or influential to your company, or popular/trending hashtags. You can also come up with your own unique hashtags that are specific to your individual company. Unique hashtags will promote your company’s personality and creativity, and will help your brand stand out from others. Using hashtags consistently will allow your posts to reach a wider range of people who still share similar interests.

Tag People in Your Posts

Particularly on Facebook and Instagram, if you post photos from an event your company may have hosted, or if you highlight one of your employees or attorneys, tagging their personal accounts will help spread your content to different social media communities. For example, if you post a photo recognizing an “attorney of the year,” and you tag the attorney in the photo, it will also appear on his/her personal Facebook page. Therefore, the attorney’s Facebook friends now have the opportunity to see the photo, or click the company page from which the photo was posted. The benefits of social media allow for posts to be shared and spread to various online communities through a “chain reaction” effect.

Taking these suggestions into consideration will improve your company’s social media presence, thus reaching a wider audience and creating more awareness about your company and what it does.

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