December 28, 2022

How a PR Agency Can Help Revamp Your Firm

In our increasingly fast-paced world, in order to keep up with the pack, you need to be growing as fast or faster than the competition. But sometimes you can’t, and there are internal factors holding your firm back from its maximum potential. A public relations agency [New York City]  can aid your firm’s marketing and PR efforts and bring it back on track. Here are a few of the ways a PR agency can help:

Supporting an Internal Revamp

Reigniting life into a firm is common practice, but it’s no walk in the park. Stubbornness and fear of change plague organizations regularly and hold them back from evolving and changing with the times. Famously, Kodak invented the first digital camera, then shelved the idea out of fear of what the invention would do to its own film business which fueled the company. A capable public relations agency can help you gauge public sentiment about your firm, analyze it, and identify what improvements can be made.

Sharing Changes with the Public 

A public relations agency will be able to take the internal and operational changes you’ve enacted in your firm and share them with stakeholders, clients, and potential clients through the appropriate channels. 

Press ReleasePress releases are a tried and tested way of dispersing information about company changes. They are more formal and are great for outlining specifics of changes and improvements. A press release can be sent to a predetermined media list or a general media list for your area and industry.

Media Appearance – Appearing in media whether it’s by speaking on a podcast, being quoted in an article, or appearing on television will help shape the public perception of your firm. These opportunities are opportunities for you to flex your knowledge or your firm’s capabilities organically. Media appearances are less controlled than a press release, but they offer the opportunity to appeal to a new audience and demonstrate knowledge with relevant examples. They can also establish your credibility as a sought-after expert and leader in your field. 

Social Media – It’s a given that almost every type of business should have some form of social media presence. With that presence, you can project your firm’s culture, values, and capabilities. With social media, you can be as buttoned up or down as you’d like. You can use it as a window into your company’s day-to-day, as a tool to disperse firm updates, or as a space to answer questions and demonstrate expertise. 

Newsletter – If you want to reach out to current stakeholders to highlight news and updates, a newsletter is a fantastic way to do that. The recipients of your newsletter are a receptive and engaged audience, in that they are already connected to your firm in a meaningful way. 

Tailoring your Output

Once your public relations agency has helped craft your firm’s message, they will want to pick the specific outlets and platforms that will aid this message. If your firm has been stuck in its ways for an extended period and hasn’t embraced new media yet, it might be a good time to introduce your firm through more contemporary media. If you do bankruptcy law, for example, a financial news podcast could be a great opportunity. If you do entertainment law, reaching out to new entertainment news and business outlets may be more fruitful than traditional outlets.

How your firm chooses to engage with the media should be consistent with your firm’s goals and ideals. While you might think that choosing newer media as a law firm won’t be helpful, younger companies are filled with people that engage with newer media. Appealing to those millennials who engage with new media more regularly and are moving into decision-making positions could transform your business.

Consult Horowitz Agency on Revamping Your Firm

Horowitz Agency is highly rated as one of the top marketing and PR agencies in New York and the country. Our team boasts a deep bench of talent that allows us to craft individualized PR approaches uniquely catered to our clients’ needs. We can help your firm revamp its presence and grow exponentially. Reach out to us to discuss whether your firm should consider onboarding a full-service PR agency.

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