August 5, 2015

How Video Marketing Can Improve Your Law Firm’s Brand

How Video Marketing Can Improve Your Law Firm's Brand

The success of popular websites like YouTube and Netflix, as well as the emergence of apps such as Vine on Twitter, reflects the growing trend of making video available online. Did you know that web pages containing video content bring in twice as much traffic as web pages without? In addition, a recent study conducted by Cisco suggests that video will account for 69% of all consumer Internet traffic by 2017. This major shift towards sharing video presents another opportunity for law firms, as well as individual attorneys, to connect with a tech-savvy client base.

As always, content is key when it comes to creating videos. Unlike lawyer TV commercials that are more traditionally focused, your law firm’s videos (or “vlogs”) will provide potential clients with quality content relating to the legal subjects they’re searching for on Google. Answering questions on trending topics in your legal wheelhouse will establish you as an expert, pique your audience’s interest, and serve as a great call to action. Have you thought about making a video in front of a courthouse after a recent win, explaining what just happened? Shorter videos (less than 4 minutes) also routinely receive more shares and traffic, so remember to hold your audience’s interest by keeping your message brief and to the point.

While other marketing efforts, such as blog posts and articles, are also effective components of a successful plan, video blogging (or “vlogging”) gives you several unique advantages. The combination of visuals and voices can build a stronger connection with your site’s visitors. An energetic informational video can also add variety and dimension to your firm’s brand identity. Compared to lengthy text-based marketing, video content can grab more attention and is easier for your audience to digest. Additionally, in an age where everyone has a smart phone, video content is also cost effective. However, you might also consider hiring outside help, such as an experienced agency specializing in legal videos.

Incorporating video into your firm’s marketing plan is also beneficial from a search engine optimization (SEO) standpoint. Videos create backlinks to your site, and pages with video are 53 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google search results. With video content being such a search-engine priority, be sure to embed your videos on the firm’s website and share them across multiple channels, including social media platforms.

Embracing helpful video content gives attorneys and law firms an undeniable edge when it comes to marketing their law firm’s brand identity. For this reason, getting ready for your close up is another fun and innovative way to help your firm stand out from the competition.

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