December 8, 2014

Law Firm Logo Design

Law Firm Logo Design

What does Your Law Firm Logo Say About your Business?

Most companies and firms will think of a logo at inception.  Invest the requisite time and energy to make it right (concurrently create a tagline).

A simple brand assessment that analyzes value propositions and competitive forces is the first step to creating a great logo.  Couple that with a stunning, print-friendly design and you will be on your way to positioning yourself well with clients and potential clients.  After that, a commitment to your brand will help bolster your company and its position in the marketplace.

Take a look at your competitors’ logos when deciding on how to create or reinvent yours.  Is your new logo choice distinctive?  Does it stand out?

What Makes a Logo Work?

Intricate logos with a lot of lines and letters are usually ineffective.  You want your target audience to immediately identify your logo after eight or ten impressions.  These impressions come from e-mail signatures, social media, and digital and other collateral.  Make sure your logo is clean and adapts to all platforms.

Your Logo:  The Face of your Business

Think of your favorite three company logos.  Maybe it’s Nike’s “Swoosh,” Apple’s…”Apple”…or NBC’s “Peacock.”  These companies all have one thing in common: commitment to a design concept that adapts well because of its simplicity.  These logos also communicate brand messages to customers, who in turn display the logos on backpacks, computers and car bumpers to express brand loyalty.  Your clients probably won’t be doing this with your law firm logo, but they will wear your branded T-Shirts and other promotional items and be proud when they see it on a trade show sponsorship board or in Super Lawyers Magazine.

It’s difficult for a law firm logo to transmit information such as practice areas or industries, but a law firm logo’s shape and simplicity can convey brand qualities, such as consistency and progressiveness.  Since many law firms still stick to a bunch of names on a tombstone, it’s not that hard to differentiate and demonstrate that your firm accepts that the legal landscape is changing.  Remember, a logo must capture your audience’s attention in a memorable, positive way.  Creating a logo provides you with a tremendous opportunity to think outside the box, which leads to awareness and loyalty.

An effective law firm logo accomplishes a few key objectives: it communicates brand qualities, provides an opportunity to demonstrate commitment, and connects you to your clients in a very personal way.  If you do it right, you’ll be donning the mark for years to come.

Note:  *Trademarking your logo and tagline will protect name, colors, symbols, and designs.

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