February 22, 2019

2019 Law Firm Marketing Trends Infographic

Based on the American Bar Association’s 2018 survey, we can extrapolate a few key trends and takeaways:

What are the most popular marketing channels?

Facebook (35%), email (33%), print (25%) and Avvo (20%).

Social Media for professional purposes

82% of respondents use LinkedIn, 47% on Facebook, 27% on Avvo

How effective is Social Media for getting clients?

35% of respondents have gotten a client directly or through a referral. 19% did not know if social media got them clients.

How many firms have a marketing budget?

33% of respondents’ firms have an annual marketing budget.

Using syndication to multiply your content efforts

15% of firms syndicate website content. Firms of 100+attorneys (24%). In firms of all other sizes, less than 20%.

How are firms measuring their marketing results?

⅓ or more never review their analytics. ⅓ view their analytics quarterly.

Firms working with marketing agencies: 15% do not receive regular reports.

How confident are firms in their marketing?

2.5 out of 5.

Key Trends & Takeaways:

  • Facebook and LinkedIn are the best places to network and to get your content in front of potential clients.
  • Setting up a marketing budget (and possibly strategy) is something that many firms do not do.
  • Syndicate your content to get it on as many platforms as possible. A lot of firms are not taking advantage of this strategy and strategies that can automate this process.
  • Track and measure your marketing so you know what is working and what is not.

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