September 2, 2021

Should You Use a Template To Build Your Law Firm Website?

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When building a new website, there are two popular options businesses use. The first is to create a custom site from scratch, and the other is to use a template. Let’s review the pros and cons of templates and what goes into creating a custom website.

The Pros of Template Websites

A template is a fast option for getting a website up and running. It has lower starting costs than hiring a team and building your website. Some interfaces, like Squarespace, are user-friendly enough that you may not need professional help. Get a template, put in the things you like on your site, and launch it.

This accessibility makes templates a popular choice for some law firms. It’s not ground-breaking in any way. While it is easy to use, it does have some drawbacks.

The Cons of Template Websites

The problem with templates is that you have limited design options to work with, so it can be frustrating when you try to make major changes to the layout. Template websites look similar to each other, and it can be hard to establish your unique fingerprint as a law firm.

With a site like Wix, you’re locked into their platform, so you have limited to no options in moving to another platform. You’ll have to build the site from scratch if you’re looking to move it.

What About a Custom Website?

A custom website for your firm takes time to build, and you’ll have to prepare to pay some upfront costs for the team that will handle the build. Most people spend an average of around $15,000 to $30,000 for their websites, depending on the complexity.

If you’re planning to keep your website long-term, a custom site is a better investment. You can update it, change it as necessary, and control everything about it. Of course, not every law firm is ready for a custom website right away. Some may opt for a template first and transition later to a custom website.

The Bottom Line

Your website is the backbone of your digital presence. You have to ensure that it’s working and presenting the way you want it to. If you’re debating between the two options, contact us to help you set up a plan that aligns with your goals for your law firm.

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