March 3, 2018

Tech Innovations Changing Digital Marketing

Tech Innovations Changing Digital Marketing

With updates downloading as we sleep, and user analytics becoming more sophisticated with every click, new technologies are constantly reshaping the digital marketplace. Here are some key innovations, and how to incorporate them into your brand’s strategy.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has many more subtle uses and implications than it does plans for sci-fi grade world domination. AI is changing the digital marketplace by offering companies the consistency and predictability that users trust and want from their customer experience. AI-powered marketing technologies can be seen everywhere from targeted ads, to SEO tools, to voice recognition. Analytics backed by AI can give you valuable information about your audience, campaigns, and beyond by keeping more tabs on performance and user behavior than any one human could dream of tracking. This data can then be used to craft a reliable, efficient product experience for each customer, and keep them coming back.

People-Based Marketing 

Efficiency and replicability are important, but are most effective when tailored to the customer’s needs and habits. People-based marketing (PBM) tools are increasingly popular and relevant in the online marketplace. PBM collects information on customers and other visitors to personalize their experience and direct them towards the products with which they are most likely to engage. PBM uses tactics like user self-identification and push notifications to unify customers’ engagement across their platforms and devices, and incentivize immediate action. It can also be used to help create more targeted marketing campaigns, rather than mass-blasting the same promotional materials to everyone.

Storytelling & Brand Engagement

There are many ways to take advantage of emerging technology to craft your business’ voice and story. Social media has brought with it a suite of engagement features, such as live video and ‘Stories’, which are now found on Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. Stories and live feeds can be a good way to creatively stay in touch with your audience and get immediate feedback. More customer service modules are also adding chatbot features that let customers ask questions and get answers in real time, whereas before they may have just left a website after failing to find specific information. You might also consider adapting your SEO content to voice search engines like Alexa and Siri by making search terms more colloquial and conversational.

Integrating these strategies into your digital marketing plan will help you make the most of today and tomorrow’s biggest tech trends.

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