August 25, 2021

The Power of Content Offers for Law Firms

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Content offers have the potential to enhance the growth and credibility of your law firm. Posting unique, informative content on your website can lead to client connections and higher search rankings.

Learn how you can harness the power of content offers and content marketing to gain leads and clients for your law firm.

The Benefits of Content Offers

A content offer is the transactional aspect of content marketing, where you give something to get something. You can reap the following benefits when you offer valuable content to your target market:

  • Potential clients often provide you with their personal information in return. This information typically includes their full names and contact details, enabling you to reach out to them in the future.
  • The Google search rankings of your law firm’s official website may improve.

The Challenges of Content Offers

Content offers can play a major role in the increasing success of your law firm over time. However, you need to overcome certain challenges to utilize content offers effectively:

  • Your content needs to be original to stand out from the myriad of legal articles and blog posts already available online.
  • Your content must be highly relevant for your future clients to think it’s worth giving up their personal information, such as information or resources useful to them on a professional or personal level.
  • Your content needs to be substantial for your law firm’s website to gain higher rankings in Google search results. It must contain plenty of rich information with the appropriate keywords.

Because of Google’s ever-evolving algorithms, you can no longer simply recycle your old content or insert keywords into filler material. The reality is that it’s not always easy to create original, interesting content for your law firm’s website. However, the rewards of lead generation content can pay off once you put in the effort.

8 Ways To Boost Your Content Offers Through Lead Generation Content

Below are some of the most effective lead generation content options you can use.

1. Offer Free Courses

People without a legal background may be interested to learn about basic law terminology and legal concepts.

The prospect of increasing their legal knowledge may encourage your target market to fill out an application form to access free classes and tutorials.

You and your law firm staff may choose the DIY route by shooting and editing your own video classes. You also have the option of hiring production experts to add a professional touch to your online courses.

2. Write an Ebook

The popularity of e-books makes it a viable choice as downloadable content. After all, an impressive total of 191 million e-books were sold in the U.S. in 2020.

Make sure to select legal topics that are directly relevant to your audience. A free ebook offer will motivate potential clients to share their information in exchange for downloading the ebook from your website.

You can choose among various ebook file formats like EPUB or MOBI if the content is mostly text information. You may also create your ebook as a PDF file if you plan to include images and graphics aside from text.

3. Organize a Webinar

A webinar is an interactive online activity with the potential to engage with your law firm’s present and future clients.

Make sure that the legal topics you cover during the webinar are beneficial to your audience so they can get value out of it. Encourage attendees to sign up for a webinar by offering substantial information, practical tips, and illustrations of real-life applications during your online event.

You don’t necessarily have to be the speaker at the webinar. You can have a guest with proven legal expertise on the law-related subject matter of your webinar. Your speaker should also bring a healthy dose of charisma and public speaking skills to inspire more guests to attend and be engaged in the activity.

Schedule your webinar smartly as well. While you cannot accommodate everyone’s schedule, select a time and date convenient for most people in the group you are targeting.

You may also record the webinar so that others who could not participate in the live version will have the chance to watch it later on.

4. Create Downloadable Templates

Empower your law firm’s target market by creating free downloadable templates of legal documents or contracts which potential clients can study or fill out before they ask your law firm’s attorneys to review or notarize them. The opportunity to access these helpful templates may encourage people to share their information and motivate them to use your law firm’s legal services as well.

Another option is to design infographics about basic legal phrases and legal workflow charts to educate your audience.

5. Create Client Case Studies

Effective case studies contain enlightening, interesting stories of clients who have encountered specific legal matters and how they resolved these issues with the help of your law firm.

Free access to consumer case studies can encourage people to seek your assistance on similar issues they face.

6. Offer Email Subscriptions

Most people are too busy to visit your law firm’s website daily. Email subscriptions are a convenient way that your target market can receive legal tips and updates from your law firm every day. All they need to do to subscribe is to provide their email address.

Gaining the email addresses of your audience is a good way to convert subscribers into leads with a funnel. It enables you to establish a presence in your contact’s inbox as you build credibility over time.

7. Write a Guide

Creating a guide is an alternative option if your law firm wants to share helpful information but doesn’t have the time to write a full-length ebook.

You can make an ultimate legal guide about common business issues or write a pocket legal guide about typical family issues. Include short but helpful tips for people without a legal background.

No matter which type of guide you write, make sure the tips are actionable and encourage readers to seek the services of your law firm. Like other downloadable content, require your audience to share their information first before they can download your guides.

8. Host an Event

One of the best ways to create firm connections with your future and current clients is to interact with them in person.

Your law firm can host a free live talk and forum on popular legal issues and dilemmas. You may also hold an open house event where your team offers free initial legal consultations to the public.

Real-life events will grant you the opportunity to mingle with your audience, build trust and credibility, gather their personal data, and motivate them to get the services of your law firm. Keep in mind changing COVID restrictions on live events in your area to ensure you are following government regulations.

Next Steps

While creating unique content can be challenging, lead generation content is worth the effort to gain new clients and keep existing ones. It will also allow you to grow your reputation as a trustworthy expert in the legal field. If you have any questions or would like to speak to professionals who specialize in legal marketing, reach out to us — we’d be happy to help.

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