August 7, 2023

Why Law Firms Should Consider Hiring Advertising Agencies

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Advertising provides a high return on investment (ROI) to companies in most industries. Law firms and other professional services firms may want to consider investing in digital and print advertising. With the help of an advertising agency, these paid marketing campaigns can reach a large audience.

While advertisements are a larger investment, it can be worth considering allocating resources towards them in a firm’s overall marketing budget. Our New York public relations firm regularly assists brands in online marketing and has identified the following benefits of advertising campaigns.


The biggest benefit of advertising is its ability to reach your specific target audience. Blogs and social media may be a great way to market your business. However, there is less of a guarantee that your audience will be reached using these methods.

Services like Google Ads and other digital outlets can filter placements to reach your desired demographics. Similarly, a firm can pay for sponsorships or printed ad placements at industry events. These methods can place your products or services in front of the audiences most likely to benefit from them.

Paid targeting is worth the spend because it guarantees reach. This, in turn, increases the likelihood of engagement.

Build Presence

The legal industry is a competitive space, especially for new firms. Often Big Law or longstanding firms hold the monopoly on platforms such as Google or other search engine marketing (SEM) sites. This means even if you are posting the right content, your audience may not be aware of your practice.

This is why firms should consider paying for advertising. Often these paid ads will boost your presence faster than if you were to build that presence organically.

A search engine marketing agency can conduct marketing research on keywords and other competitive practices. This involves outlining a marketing plan to best position your firm against competitors.

Fast Results

As mentioned above, SEO and other organic measures can take a long time to yield results. While those methods are still important for a firm’s growth and exposure, advertising is a quick way to see results. Whether it is a billboard or newspaper ad, advertisements can have a timely placement and reach audiences faster than other measures.

Advertising companies can help you implement a fast-paced strategy to streamline results.

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Types of Advertising

There are several means of paid advertising. It is important to carefully consider which option is best given your particular budget, audience, timeline, and other similar factors. Some include:

  1. Search: Search advertising refers to Google search results. Companies who pay for ads can receive a higher keyword ranking for “law firms near me” or “entertainment law firm.” 

    Higher Google rankings can result in a higher reach. Not all clients will scroll through pages of results to find a potential firm, which is why high placement is important. Search marketing agencies can provide guidance on how to best invest in your Google page.

  2. Social media: Social media is becoming a more popular source of information, especially for younger generations. While it can be a great marketing tool, it is important to consider your target audience. For example, an entertainment law firm may find greater success than an estate planning firm due to its target demographic.
  3. Broadcast: A broadcast advertisement can appear on podcasts, television, and radio. This means individuals can significantly localize and target their advertisements to a niche market. For example, a personal injury law firm may want to appear on their city’s morning news station. Meanwhile, a healthcare law firm may choose to advertise on an industry-specific podcast.

    With broadcast advertisements, it’s harder to track leads directly which can make it more difficult to determine the campaign’s success.

  4. Print: Print advertisements are a traditional and trusted channel. However, it is important to consider which type of print advertisement would yield the most success. Newspapers are becoming increasingly less prevalent with the rise of digital news. However, brochures or other pamphlets may be a good method to reach potential clients at industry-specific events.

    Ad agencies can provide personalized recommendations depending on the brand and its goals.

  5. Direct mail: Like print, direct mail is a longstanding form of advertising. Through this method, a law firm may pay for printed flyers to mail to a specific geographic area. For example, an estate law firm may choose to mail to a retirement community. This method also makes it hard to track leads directly, but that does not mean it won’t be successful.
  6. Mobile: Mobile ads can appear as a website banner, in-app ad, or other form of digital media. With these advertisements, it’s easy to target and to track leads, making it a common practice in the professional services industry. A creative agency can provide visually enticing digital assets to ensure more successful interactions.

How a New York Advertising Firm Can Help

Advertisements require careful implementation and monitoring. If you are not well-informed on the nuances behind these placements, you may waste valuable time and funds on an unsuccessful campaign.

A New York City public relations firm can help handle the process for you. Their experience and understanding of marketing needs guarantee smoother placement. Public relations professionals are also well-connected, which can often lead to a discounted rate.

If you are considering investing in advertising it is a good idea to consult a PR advertising agency. Advertising is not a standalone campaign and is best performed when coupled with other efforts such as public relations or search engine optimization. A full-service marketing agency can help strengthen your internal content, increase brand reputation and recognition, promote your brand as an industry expert, and then run successful advertising campaigns to support these efforts.

Considering Hiring a New York Public Relations and Marketing Company? Look No Further

Horowitz Agency has over 15 years of experience in representing law firms nationwide across all industries. Our bi-coastal team of public relations professionals has experience performing and monitoring various types of advertising campaigns that yield long-term results.

We understand that marketing can be overwhelming, especially when considering the vast array of components needed. This is why we offer integrated data-driven services designed to support our clients for all their needs.

If you are considering hiring a New York public relations firm, contact us today. In our consultation, we will listen to your needs and concerns and connect you with a personalized team of experts to amplify your brand. We look forward to joining your team!

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