November 10, 2022

How to Create the Perfect Corporate Holiday Card

How to Make the Perfect Corporate Holiday Card

If you’re wondering whether it’s worth it to carve out some time during your very busy Q4 to create a corporate holiday card for your clients, it absolutely is. And while spreading holiday season joy is the primary goal, there are many additional reasons why businesses should prioritize sending holiday cards. Below, we’ll share why all companies should send out holiday cards, followed by some concrete tips for how to make the perfect corporate holiday card.

Why Your Business Should Send a Holiday Card 

We know, we know, the end of the year isn’t usually the calmest season. Typically, we’re all hustling to tie up loose ends big and small. But making a holiday card is a wise idea because it achieves several things for your business. In this way it’s an efficient project that pays more dividends than you may expect. A holiday card sent to your client or customer base

  • is an affordable, effective and kind way to reach out to your clients
  • provides an opportunity to reconnect with active and inactive clients in a non-sales-y capacity
  • shows the faces behind your operation – the people who comprise your team and make the work possible
  • is an opportunity to get your branding in front of your audience. By using your logo, colors and slogan (if you have one), you get to reinforce your brand. 
  • provides a chance to refresh your email list. If you’re sending a digital card via an email provider platform, check the sends to weed out bounces or inactive subscribers. You can then do some list “housekeeping,” so you can start the new year with a master list that’s healthy and therefore better supports your overall email marketing efforts.

How to design your corporate holiday card 

Take the opportunity to create something that shows your business’s personality rather than simply downloading a pre-made, generic card. Your design can be very simple, but customize something for your purposes; this ensures that the branding on the card will fall in line with that of your business. (More on that below.)

Choose a distribution method

First, decide on a format for your card and determine how you’ll distribute it. Will you make a printed card to send by snail mail or a digital card or combination of the two? Make this decision first, as the platform/ medium will guide some of your other design decisions. If you opt for a printed card, use a quality, thick card stock. 

An advantage to printed cards is the opportunity to personalize each with a handwritten note. Of course, digital cards – which you should still personalize with clients’ names – can be sent with one click, which is an undeniable convenience factor. But keep in mind that a digital card will get seen only by the recipient; it won’t be posted to anyone’s fridge or hung on anyone’s mantel, where others will see your handiwork (and brand)!

To photo or not to photo 

A photo card isn’t required by any means, but people really like photos! People like faces! Photos are connective and help humanize a relationship. It’s nice to see the team gathered together; this can be especially true for businesses that conduct the bulk of their work remotely. So consider a personality-filled team photo (or at the very least, a designed collection of headshot/ portrait style photos) and let the tone of the photo be dictated by your company’s personality. If it fits your business’s vibe, what about a picture of everyone in holiday sweaters? Be as whimsical or playful or creative or straightforward or buttoned-up as is appropriate for the culture of your workplace. These days iPhones can take very high quality photos (always opt for the highest resolution possible), but bringing in a professional photographer is never a bad idea to help ensure a polished product. 

Whether or not you use a photo or some other design element, a service like Shutterfly or Canva can provide a template to use as a jumping off point that you can then customize. The color palette should coordinate with your company’s logo. And speaking of logos, remember to include yours on the card along with your company name!

How to Make the Perfect Corporate Holiday Card

What to write in a corporate holiday card 

Your guiding principles: 

  • Find that sweet spot where warm and personal meets professional. Be inoffensive without being generic. 
  • Stay consistent with your brand voice. Remember that any communication from your company is a chance to brand yourself, even though you’re not in sell mode.
  • Keep the message short and sweet. This is not the place for “holiday letter”- style detail.

What messaging should you use? 

The key thing to communicate is thank you. This is your chance to express gratitude – to your clients/ customers, friends of the company and employees. After all, these are the folks who allow your business to do what it does and be what it is. These people are the core of the whole equation, and it’s nice for this to be recognized with a simple sentiment like thank you for your continued support and business. In addition, if you can do so succinctly, you may consider including

a reflection on some successes from the past year 

a statement that highlights your eagerness to meet your customers’ needs in the coming year

an announcement or description of a formal partnership in the community that you are excited about

As for any holiday language, you’ll decide how to wish your clients a warm/ festive/ healthy/ peaceful holiday season. Most likely, your clients come from a mix of faiths and backgrounds, so steer clear of religious messaging. Acknowledge the season over a particular holiday so that you keep it inclusive. Examples of text for your corporate holiday card: 

  • Sending you the warmest wishes this holiday season
  • Wishing joy for you and your family his holiday season and the upcoming new year
  • Wishing you and yours all the best here at [company name] and look forward to more exciting work together in the coming year 
  • Best wishes to you and yours from everyone at [company name]
  • Happy holidays and best wishes for the new year
  • Cheers to a happy new year from everyone at [company name]
  • Thank you for your continued support and business. We look forward to serving you in the upcoming year

Note that you can always turn your holiday card into a New Years card instead. The bonus: With your card arriving later than most, it may stand out from the crowd. 

The sign-off, like everything else, should be in line with your brand. For some companies this is a place to be creative and unique. Finally, when double-checking the list of recipients, be sure you’ve included all clients/ customers, friends of the company, and, of course, your staff and their families. 

Best Corporate Holiday Card

Sending a holiday greeting card on behalf of your business should be a regular event on your yearly calendar. It’s a relatively low lift, and the benefits to your clients – and to your own marketing efforts – make it a worthwhile task. If you need a hand in creating the perfect corporate holiday cards, we’re happy to help so please reach out to us

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