January 10, 2023

Implement Public Relations With a New York Agency

Implementing public relations into your firm is a big step towards growth potential and credibility. Having a mouthpiece for your firm will allow you to communicate better with stakeholders and potential clients. Your only problem – you don’t know where to start! A seasoned New York public relations agency can help you at every step.

Develop Your PR Strategy

The first step in implementing public relations is setting your firm’s goals. A public relations agency can help you evaluate the state of your firm and help you develop your specific goals. This discovery process is where you can voice ideas and desires you have for your company. An agency will then take the goals you’ve come up with, conduct research, and develop a plan of attack.

Every firm needs a tailored strategy to meet its unique goals and needs. In this stage, your agency will outline which tools and avenues will be used to meet your objectives. A good agency will develop a highly detailed strategy and work together with you to address potential problems before implementation. A good strategic plan should include research and analysis of the landscape and target audience, a proposal for outreach strategies, a detailed budget, and a clear plan for how success will be measured. Doing this not only helps you prepare and know what to expect, but it gives you and your agency extra capacity to make real-time decisions if and when they come up.

Moving forward before a plan isn’t thoroughly mapped out inevitably means unintended roadblocks. A good public relations agency will plan out as much as possible in advance so there are minimal hiccups during the execution. This will allow them to be more dynamic during the implementation of your plan and make any necessary tweaks and adjustments to better maximize its effectiveness.

Analyze Results

Once your plan has been in effect for a long enough period (usually predetermined in planning stages, and typically a matter of months, not weeks), an agency will want to take stock of how the plan is performing. Analyzing the effectiveness of the strategy will allow you to make tweaks and improvements over time. These changes may be as small as altering a formatting standard on your press releases, or as big as targeting specific media connections to get you or someone else air time on television.

Stay Current on Trends and Practices

Along with analyzing your PR strategy and its application, a public relations agency will also help keep your firm current with the latest PR trends and best practices. For example, if your firm does family law and every family lawyer in New York City wants to get on Live with Kelly and Ryan, this might be an opportunity to find another show that isn’t being hounded by every family law attorney in the city, like the Tamron Hall Show. An agency can help identify opportunities like these and build a pitch based on your capabilities and the show’s format.

Capitalize on Contacts

A good agency will have good media contacts already established from which you can benefit. This may be with reporters, bookers, or social media executives. Sending out pitches becomes infinitely easier when the receiver is slightly warm to you. If you think you have a contact that could be useful, feel inclined to share it with your PR team, as they’ll know whether the contact could be of interest and how to engage them best.

Consult Horowitz Agency on Adding Public Relations to Your Firm

Horowitz Agency is highly rated as one of the top marketing and PR agencies in New York and the country. Our team is devoted to implementing and executing public relations and marketing strategies with a high degree of excellency. Our firm can help you implement public relations into your organization. Reach out to us to discuss whether your firm should consider onboarding a full-service PR agency.

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