December 27, 2022

PR Trends 2023- What To Look Out For

New Media Outlets

As 2022 comes to a close, the New York City public relations industry is eagerly planning for 2023. In this fast-paced environment, it is important to think on your feet and anticipate future PR trends to stay ahead of the curve.

At Horowitz Agency, our team of public relations specialists each has a unique background that drives a holistic perspective of the field at large. From our extensive experience working with professional service firms across various industries, we have collaboratively outlined five trends the PR profession can expect to see in the new year.

Emphasis on New Media Outlets

With Facebook and Twitter beginning to fade in popularity, there is a high probability that the social landscape at large will be experiencing immense changes. While these social media platforms have long been major distribution channels for breaking news, public relations specialists may find diminished interactions in this space.

Meanwhile, new media outlets are beginning to emerge in the PR environment. Mastodon has recently been competing for Twitter’s audience and may continue to find success as a new platform for content distribution. TikTok may also be a great outlet where New York public relations can expand in 2023, as the short video platform has become the younger generation’s source of news. In the new year, there may also be opportunities to grow brand awareness in the form of TikTok interviews or sponsorships.

While only time can tell which social media outlets will rise or fall, PR experts will certainly need to be aware of the shifting environment as it unravels.

Continued Focus on Podcasts

Digital media continues to take marketing to a new level. With the rise of podcasts in 2022, we can certainly expect continued growth in 2023. A major advantage to podcasts is their ability to be recorded virtually and in-person, which is a plus in the hybrid model that all industries have become accustomed to. When done well, podcasts have the potential to reach a large segment of relevant customers. New York public relations will continue to profit off of the usage and repurposing of podcasts for their clients across all industries.

Data-Driven PR

This should come as no surprise– PR will continue to prioritize data. With ever-growing algorithms and rising technology, public relations agencies in New York will depend on data now more than ever to guide their strategies.

Data-driven PR impacts all stages of marketing plans from outlining goals to conducting media outreach to redistributing content. The key to success will be regularly checking SEO and social media algorithms to ensure your business practices align.

Increasing DEI Focus

Jumping off the precedents of recent years, 2023 can expect diversity and inclusion to be a key PR objective. New York public relations agencies will find diversity and inclusion narratives to continue to be at the forefront of the media landscape due to the immense importance of amplifying voices.

In the upcoming year, companies should work closely with their PR consultants to identify stories that will highlight their commitment to DEI efforts, whether it is publicizing charitable events or profiling an inspiring company leader.

New York City Public Relations Events

In-Person Opportunities

As in-person opportunities begin to become more common in our post-pandemic society, public relations specialists will begin to shift focus back to this space. In-person opportunities may include:

  • Sponsored events
  • Speaking engagements
  • In-person news interviews

While the past few years have taught us a great deal about how to successfully substitute digital spaces for live events, people are craving personal interaction now more than ever as it becomes safer to do so. Finding the right balance between in-person and virtual opportunities will allow companies to maximize their audience and form new connections.

The Importance of PR Trends

While there is no singular approach to the New York City public relations industry, it is important for businesses to understand what is trending in order to shape an effective strategy. Failure to keep up in the ever-changing world of media can result in a lack of audience – and ultimately sales.

In the New Year, we encourage all businesses regardless of their industry to reevaluate their PR and marketing strategies. A good PR plan will focus on the business goals while incorporating timely trends. It is important to understand what fads align with your organization and which are not worth pursuing. When it makes sense to do so, following trends can allow for great PR results.

Public Relations New York City Agency

As we mentioned before, PR results are directly related to one’s attention to the media landscape and its relevant opportunities. Those who are overwhelmed with the in-house task of tracking these updates may want to consider onboarding a team of public relations specialists to handle the timely day-to-day needs.

Horowitz Agency understands what it takes to be successful in the world of PR and works relentlessly to adhere to the industry’s best practices. If you are considering advancing your PR strategy, contact us today to hear how we can transform your business.

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