February 24, 2023

How do Public Relations Firms in New York City Earn Your Business?

New York Public Relations Agency

The process of hiring a PR team can feel repetitive, especially when you hear the same type of pitch over and over again from prospective firms. While you may have a strong understanding of what services each firm can offer, there is much more to consider when deciding who to hire.

Ultimately, the point of onboarding a PR team is to accelerate your business model. Thus, you want to ensure that you choose the best public relations firm for your business – in other words, the one that adds the most value to your organization. Below are key considerations to keep in mind as you evaluate public relations firms in New York City.


One differentiator among public relations firms in New York City is their credentials. When considering a legal public relations agency, you will want solid evidence of its capabilities. Local or specialized publications often highlight leading industry professionals and award-winning agencies for their contributions to the media landscape.

Two of Horowitz Agency’s own team members were recently honored for their bicoastal public relations skills and results. Recognitions like these speak volumes about a firm, and how they may be beneficial to your own organizational needs.

Client Successes

There are many ways to measure public relations successes, from social media analytics to ad clicks to organic keyword rankings and everything in between. You will want a firm with the best results for the types of public relations services you need.

That being said, when vetting potential agencies, you will want to ask about their results for clients with a similar background to yours. For example, if you are looking for SEO public relations work you may want to ask what their average client rankings are and how they were able to improve the client’s visibility. On the other hand, for press-related campaigns, you may inquire about what publications their clients are quoted in.

Hearing about the agency’s effective public relations campaigns will allow you to garner intel on how their team can advance your business.

Public Relations Firms in New York City

Brand Dynamics

Another factor to consider when examining public relations firms in New York City is how well you get along. At the end of the day, many agencies can adequately serve your needs but that does not mean they are the best fit.

Working with a boutique PR agency that is communicative and personally invested in your success triumphs any alleged innovative approaches they promise to take. Aligning with a firm that embodies your core values will set your public relations campaigns up for success because they truly understand your needs.

Tips for Hiring a Public Relations Firm

The good news about the process of hiring a PR team is that you have control. Relax and take your time to ensure your decision is the best reflection of your brand. Consider the following throughout the hiring process:

  • Does their pitch align with your organization and its goals?
  • Did the public relations agency mention any offerings or marketing strategy ideas that excite you?
  • Did you feel the PR firm understood your expectations and goals?
  • Could you see yourself feeling comfortable working with these individuals in the future?
  • Does the firm provide new offerings that you don’t currently have, and will they result in meeting your business goals?

How To Ensure Success Working with a Public Relations Firm

There is no right approach to working with public relations firms in New York City. At the end of the day, it is a mutual partnership between you and the consultancy firm. Just as you are an expert in your brand’s products and services, the agency is a master at public relations and social media campaigns.

Public relations is a two-way street. You have to be prepared to take the next step in marketing your brand in order for the results to be effective. Cooperating and communicating with your PR agency will ensure the most successful outcomes.

Hiring a boutique PR firm is similar to hiring another member of your team. Once you find the best fit, your efforts will align to streamline your business plan, and ultimately generate more sales. It’s important that your colleagues have a say in who you hire, as all members of your team will need to feel comfortable working with the public relations agency.

That being said, the best way to guarantee a successful professional relationship is to remain involved and vocalize your visions. After all, all parties want the business to prosper.

Why Hire Us?

Horowitz Agency advises the top professional service firms in New York, Los Angeles, and Vancouver, making it a go-to source for all marketing and public relation needs. Our clients range from boutique firms to large multi-office companies, attesting to our personalized approach to business success.

Whether your goal is to raise awareness around your brand or to rebuild the world through your services, you will need a boutique PR firm by your side. As one of the top PR firms in the country, we have a successful portfolio of all aspects of a PR campaign from social media marketing to press releases to reputation management.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can align with your organization.

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