August 11, 2023

Why Would Someone Need a Publicist?

Publicists in New York

When you think of a publicist, the first thing that likely comes to mind is those serving the celebrity population. A solid public relations firm is a significant contributing factor to the success of Taylor Swift and your other favorite stars. Whether combating rumors in the press or managing a crisis as it emerges, publicists in New York regularly handle breaking matters.

However, that does not mean publicity is exclusive to the elite–in fact, it is quite the opposite! Regardless of the industry, companies and professionals should consider hiring a PR firm to make them stand out from their competition.

How can a publicist help me?

Publicists in New York are knowledgeable about the landscape and what it takes to succeed with the local target audience. This will allow them to effectively position you against your competitors.

A publicist can:

  • Create and distribute press releases
  • Arrange press conferences and media coverage
  • Create and distribute media kits
  • Establish connections with key media contacts
  • Draft written material including speeches, articles, bios, resumes, and other marketing materials
  • Run social media accounts
  • Track media coverage
  • Manage crisis communications
  • Facilitate publicity events

Ultimately, a publicist will create and control the narrative surrounding your brand and its offerings.

NY publicists

Publicity Case Studies

Let’s examine the offerings of publicists further to understand how their service can benefit you individually and your collective company.

Individual PR

Often high-net-worth individuals and families or professionals interacting with HNW clients hire a publicist for reputation management. A publicist in New York or Los Angeles will take a proactive approach to mitigate foreseeable issues before they arise. However, a publicist can also manage ongoing crises for those in need.

For breaking news, both good and bad, it is best to contact a New York public relations firm in advance to yield the best results. Examples of this may include:

  • A title change
  • An article/book/research publication
  • Lawsuits or allegations
  • Speaking engagements

Let’s break this down by using a current example. Pop legend Britney Spears is releasing a memoir following a years-long conservatorship. Spears will likely hire a publicist to schedule interviews and publicity events that will promote her book. Spears will also need a PR professional to help mitigate any backlash or issues.

Allegedly, in anticipation of the memoir, A-list celebrities have sent legal letters to Spears. This is likely due to concerns over what Spears may say about their character. If Spears does run into legal issues, a publicist will be able to mitigate the situation. PR agencies can assist in releasing statements and facilitating any press interactions.

Law Firms

Given the intensity of their work, law firms are great candidates for publicity work. A New York PR firm can help manage its reputation in the media. This includes mitigating the spread of false information and foul play.

Let’s say your firm is taking on a highly problematic media figure. Regardless of whether they are innocent or guilty, it is almost a guarantee that there will be heavy press. As a law firm, your role is to focus on the client and securing the best possible outcome for the case.

You want media outlets to portray the case in a positive light. For example, you may release confidential information to the New York Times to help uphold your client’s innocence.

At the same time, you need to safeguard the firm’s reputation. Often, high-profile cases bring to light confidential secrets or unwanted publicity. The unwanted press can be surrounding lawyers and their practice, and even things unrelated to the matter at hand.

New York City publicists will work relentlessly to decide what the firm will speak on pertaining to the case. Through media monitoring and strategic relationship building, a publicist can help dictate the narrative.

They may also employ a digital strategy to protect the firm from social media harassment. Examples of this may be deleting false or threatening comments and posting positive reflections on the firm’s work.

Ultimately, a public relations agency works to combat any attacks on the firm itself and will help maintain a positive reputation.

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