March 6, 2023

What PR Agencies Can’t Do

Public relations agencies are hired by clients to help them build and maintain a positive public image. PR agencies use various tactics to achieve this, including media relations, crisis management, social media management, and content creation. However, there are certain things that PR agencies cannot do for their clients.

A Public Relations firm (New York) cannot:

Guarantee Media Coverage

One of the most important tasks of a PR agency is to get media coverage for its clients. However, PR agencies cannot guarantee media coverage. They can pitch story ideas to journalists, and help their clients prepare for media interviews that they do secure. However, the decision about whether to cover a story lies with the journalists and their editors.

There are several factors that determine whether a story is newsworthy or not, and PR agencies cannot control all of them. For example, if a client’s story is competing with a major news event, it may not receive much coverage. PR agencies also cannot control the tone or content of the coverage that their clients do receive.

Influence Journalistic Integrity

PR agencies cannot influence journalistic integrity. While they can build relationships with journalists, they cannot dictate what journalists write or how they write it, and they cannot pressure journalists to write favorable stories about their clients. What they can do is provide journalists with story ideas and access to clients. This boundary is important for maintaining the credibility of both the journalists and the PR agency. Journalists have their own ethical codes and editorial guidelines, which they must follow.

Control Social Media Algorithms

Social media algorithms can be difficult to parse. PR agencies will try to identify what type of content a given platform’s algorithms promote more, in order to increase coverage for their clients.

PR agencies can help their clients develop social media strategies and create content for social media platforms. However, they cannot control how social media algorithms rank and display content. Social media algorithms are designed to prioritize content that is relevant, engaging, and authentic.

PR agencies can only influence these factors to a certain extent. They cannot guarantee results for their clients. Social media posts may or may not “go viral” or receive a certain number of likes, comments, or shares.

Replace Marketing or Advertising

While many see PR and marketing as the same, PR agencies cannot replace marketing or advertising. PR can be a powerful tool for building brand awareness and credibility. However, it is not a substitute for marketing or advertising. PR agencies cannot create ads or run marketing campaigns on behalf of their clients.

What PR agencies can do is provide guidance on how to incorporate PR into a broader marketing strategy, but they cannot replace other marketing activities.

A client may wish to promote a new product. A PR agency can help them get media coverage and create buzz on social media. However, the PR agency cannot replace the need for video ads or other promotional activities.

Guarantee New Business Generation

Finally, PR agencies cannot guarantee the generation of new business. While they can help their clients build a positive public image, this does not necessarily translate into increased sales or revenue.

PR agencies can only influence how the public perceives a business, product, or service. They cannot control the quality of the product or service itself. Nor can they control external factors, such as competition or market conditions.

Clients should view PR as a long-term investment. It is an investment in building and maintaining their reputation, rather than a guarantee of immediate business success.

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